NBA Game 3 Preview: Heat Keen On Taking The Lead

Updated: June 9, 2014
Miami- Lebron James

Thanks to a late rally, Miami Heat was able to take the driver’s seat from San Antonio Spurs during their close encounter in Game 2. The series is now tied at 1-1, with both teams having their own taste of victory.


What happened in Game 2

San Antonio had a total control of the game, leaving Miami struggling all throughout the game. Although the Heat has managed to take the lead, it was purely temporary as the Spurs were able to respond efficiently, capitalizing on their quick rebounds and scoring opportunities.


Unfortunately, the Spurs failed to take advantage of the scoring opportunities that came along their way. Halfway through the last quarter, a flagrant foul was called against Mario Chalmers.


Chalmers elbowed his way out of Tony Parker, who found himself curled up in pain on the floor. Two (2) free throws were handed over to Parker. However, the latter missed. Another set of free throws were given to Spurs as Tim Duncan incurred in a foul, but he too, was unable to convert.


The game soon ended with Miami enjoying a 2-point lead and a final score of 98-96.


Team form

The depth of Miami’s form was evident during the hard court clash. Four of the team’s starters scored a double digit. Leading the pack was LeBron James with  35, Chris Bosh with 18 (included was the crucial 3-pointer), Dwyane Wade and Rashard Lewis with 14 and Mario Chalmers with 5. This was in stark contrast to the scores of Spurs’ first five.


As for San Antonio, only Duncan and Parker scored big points for the team. Parker collected 21 points, whereas  Duncan had 18. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green both have 9 whilst Tiago Splitter collected 2 points.


However, the Spurs’ substitutes delivered a better performance, Manu Ginobili, for one, scored an astounding 19 points, Boris Diaw contributed 7, Patty Mills with 8 and Marco Belinelli with 3. The Heats’ substitute, on the other hand, can only come up with 12 points. This was the combined points of Ray Allen who scored 9 and Chris Anderson, who delivered 3 points.



Miami with their home court advantage is the clear favorite of the match. Nevertheless, they cannot be too confident as the above-mentioned statistics showed that Spurs has more depth.


During the last season’s finals, the Heat did not experience back-to-back losses and so is San Antonio. Expect a down the wire match between the two as they both fight for the right to be called as the King of the court.


Image Source: New York Daily News