Match Previews: French Ligue 1 (October 5 & 6)

Updated: October 3, 2013

Guingamp vs. Rennes


Match Date: 05 October 2013 (local time)

Match Venue: Stade municipal de Roudourou, Guingamp


In all of their past matches this season, Guingamp have always shunned the top 10. Their best table ranking was at number 12, which they secured in match week 7, the time when they massively won over Sochaux 5-1. Other than this victory (and another one in their third appearance), the side have never been able to raise their torch. In fact, of the eight meetings they had this term, half were major dismays. The remaining two were deadlocks.


Rennes are currently placed in the league table’s eighth spot, which is mainly attributed to the victories they obtained from three matches: against Reims 2-1, Evian TG 2-1, and Ajaccio 2-0. The side, however, struck bad chords in the rest of their matches. They scored zero goals in three fixtures, and while these seemed uncanny, the battles actually ended in draws—thanks to a highly reliable defense. Additionally, the side were defeated twice, succumbing to the officious powers of Nice and Nantes.


Football betting tip: A frenzied atmosphere will surely clad the Stade municipal de Roudourou when these sides launch their combat. Guingamp and Rennes are both strong warriors and seizing the victory could require piles of sweat. This round, however, would likely favor the visitors. Given their much more consistent form, Rennes will be able wallop their hosts.


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Olympique Marseille vs. Paris Saint-Germain


Match Date: 06 October 2013 (local time)

Match Venue: Stade Vélodrome, Marseille


Marseille started their Ligue 1 campaign really well, thumping three opponents in a row in their first three tourneys and reaching the table’s top spot by third match week. However, when the time came to battle out with Monaco, the burning streak was slightly put off for a moment. A 1-2 loss was incurred in the meeting, causing a one-spot slide in the rankings. This was later trailed by two draws, which—by some standards—were not that satisfying. A further slide in the table (fourth place) jolted into the side’s record. In their last two matches, fortunately, Marseille came back to their best vehicle and redeemed themselves with victories.


PSG are yet to experience a defeat this season, having won five times and secured draws thrice, so far. But despite the very strong form, the side are one spot short of their standing last season. They are the defending champions of Ligue 1 and while a second-place position (behind Monaco) this term is not necessarily bad (very rousing, in fact), the side have to produce much more impressive innings to regain their territory.


Football betting tip: This fixture will be one of the most attended battles this season. A very fierce wrestling is projected, especially that both sides are currently among the strongest in the league. Marseille and PSG will probably end up drawing with each other, but spectacular stunts from both troupes would be enough to satisfy spectators’ expectation.