EURO 2016 QUALIFIERS REVIEW (Group F): Upsets and Disappointing Defeats

Updated: September 18, 2014
Romania-Ciprian Marica

Qualifying highlights

Romania got its first taste of revenge against Greece when they dominated EURO  2016’s first qualifying match. The encounter ended in 0-1 in favor of Romania and left the Greek squad humiliated in its own ground.


Prior to the qualifying match, Greece destroyed Romania’s World Cup dream when they successfully booked their ticket to Brazil. The disappointment and frustration readily motivated the Romanian squad to feature in the qualifying match.


Northern Ireland also caught the attention of many. A last-minute rally enabled them to break down Hungary’s lead and instead of settling for an even steven finish, the team decided that it is much better to clinch the victory. Kyle Lafferty served as the squad’s hero when he netted a goal on the 88th.


Lastly, a game of two (2) halves characterizes the encounter between Faroe Islands and Finland.
Faroe Islands took the lead a few minutes before the 1st half ended. But a determined Finland dominated the 2nd half and thus, secured their win.



Romania’s Ciprian Marica was a certified stand –out in the series of qualifying match. His successful conversion of the penalty ensured that Romania was in control.


The blunders

The inability to protect  its lead was indeed, a major blow to Faroe Islands. It needs to step up its game in order to cope with the surmounting pressures of the qualifying matches.


What to expect

Expect Greece, the online betting favorite to make a grand come back in the next qualifying match. As a squad, which has managed to make it to the World Cup, the previous loss, was simply unforgivable and the best way to address it is via clinching an important win.


Image Source:  Realitatea