EURO 2016 Preview: San Marino vs. Switzerland

Updated: October 13, 2014

Match Date: 14 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: San Marino Stadium


With its dwindling qualifying campaign, Switzerland is in dire need of snatching a win. The squad has failed to score 3 points in its first qualifying matches and this has pushed them to the rock bottom part of Group E.


But Switzerland is not alone in its quest for a better campaign. Like them, San Marino is also eager on scoring a win and hopefully, advance in the latter stage of the competition.


The contenders

San Marino

San Marino’s status foresees an early exit from the qualifiers. The squad has not won a single match since the competition started and worse, it has failed to respond well with all the challenges thrown at them.


Lithuania trampled them with 2 goals and just recently, England slapped them with 5 massive goals.


Considering these aspects at hand, it looks a bit impossible for the team to recover, unless they nail successive wins in the future.



Looking into the depth and quality of the squad, it is quite unbelievable for Switzerland to lurk in the rock bottom part of the group.


Like San Marino, it also fell into England’s hands. Yet, what was even more disappointing was Slovenia’s narrow victory last weekend.


Despite the said loss, Switzerland remains as the match’s online betting favorite.


Possible head turners

San Marino should watch out for Xherdan Shaqiri. The Bayern Munich midfielder has been one of the most influential figures that could readily make a difference for the squad.



San Marino 1-3 Switzerland


Image Source: Mirror