Villarreal vs. Malaga Preview (Week 15): Villarreal, Determined To Enter La Liga’s Top 3

Updated: November 25, 2013
Villarreal- Uche

Sports betting enthusiasts will most likely get their money’s worth should they place their wager for Villarreal. The newly promoted club has been causing spoils and upsets against other equally aggressive squads and definitely, the team shall not be easy on Malaga when they meet in their own territory.



Match Date: 29 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio El madrigal


Team Form


Villarreal’s most recent victory and most especially, attitude towards their match against Levante exemplifies a budding club that will be one of the dangerous forces in the pitch. Scoring 3 goals and keeping a clean sheet barely shows any signs that they are one of the league’s newly promoted squads. Instead, they were clinical and even keen on scoring additional 3 points in their next match.
Villarreal currently occupies the 4th spot in the league. They join the ranks of La Liga’s elite such as Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid and given what they have shown during their previous match, there is no question as to why they are one of the best this season.
It could have been an easy triumph knowing that Levante played with only 10 men. However, the genius reminded his men to be extra cautious, knowing that they are playing in a different territory and that their opponent can always make a come from behind rally and true enough, Villarreal never had an easy breezy victory. Levante was just plain aggressive that they could have easily stolen the limelight if not for Marcelino’s reminder and the club’s seemingly impenetrable defence.



Malaga has yet to secure a victory against Atlhetic Bilbao prior to their Villarreal match. Nevertheless, the bottom line is for them to secure this much needed win.
Losing to Granada speaks of Malaga’s deteriorating form. Losing to Athletic Bilbao will amplify it even further. The Athletic Bilbao is as important as winning the match against Villarreal. They are playing in their own ground and the triumph should be easy for them, given the fact that they have the home court advantage.


Malaga is just a few notch away from the relegation zone. Occupying the 15th spot, they need to win their last 2 matches to secure their survival in the league’s tough competition.


Football betting tip: Villarreal 2-1 Malaga

Villarreal’s impressive away performance will most likely continue when they play at home. However, expect Malaga to force a down the wire fight to stay in Spain’s top-flight league.


Image Source: Sky Sports