UEFA Champions League Preview: Olympiacos vs. Paris Saint Germain

Updated: September 11, 2013

Champions League Betting Tip—After scoring the highest number of goals last season, Paris Saint Germain hopes to replicate or better yet exceed its previous performance. With the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani in the pitch, the club is one heck of a strong force that Olympiacos must face. 



Olympiacos will try to replicate or surpass their 1998/99 record in the Champions League. During that season, the club made its strongest finish when it reached the quarter-finals. More than a decade after, Olympiacos found it hard to reach the quarter-finals again.


Now that they are pitted against Paris Saint Germain, the club is determined to have a stronger campaign in the above-mentioned tournament.


Although they have managed to participate last 2011/12, their matchday one ended in a disappointing defeat against another French club, Marseille.


Olympiacos’ affair with French squads neither ended nor started when they fought Marseille. Last season, they had a face-off with Montpellier and last 2009/10 they encountered Bordeaux. Against PSG, the club is in dire need of breaking away from the (French club curse) that has been keeping them at bay in the tournament.


Paris Saint Germain

Last year’s tournament saw the incumbent champs of Ligue 1 generate the highest number of goals in its group. Although it lost to Porto, the club was able to pull it off and make it to the knockout stage where they trampled Valencia.
Unfortunately, the quarter-finals saw them rallying behind Barcelona. It could have been their chance to advance into the next stage if not for Pedro’s come from behind goal that resulted to Barcelona’s victory via the aggregate scoring.


Given their impressive performance last season, there is no question why they are hailed as the group’s heavy favorite.


The verdict: Paris Saint Germain eliminates Olympiacos

PSG’s initial performance in the domestic league falls short of being stellar. Nonetheless, their Champions League resume is a guarantee of their strong campaign throughout the tournament.
To note, PSG has been successful in its matches against its Greek opponents and the upcoming match seems to follow the same trend. With the prowess and technical abilities of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and of course, Edinson “El Matador” Cavani, there is a high possibility for PSG to score more goals this season.


Match Date: 17 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Karaiskáki





Image Source: IBN Live