Torino vs. Fiorentina Preview: Fiorentina Stays Calm Despite Rossi’s Injury—Gomez Returns On the Pitch Soon

Updated: January 8, 2014
Fiorentina- Rossi

Online bookie favorite, Fiorentina seems to enjoy a stream of good luck in Serie A. The club might miss the services of Guiseppe Rossi after injuring his right knee again. Yet, the news of Mario Gomez’s return readily inspires the clu. While it is true that Gomez’s availability can be only seen on the Genoa match, still, they are in a much better position to win than Torino, which is forced to keep the striker, Ciro Immobile in the bench because of an injury.


Match Date: 12 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino

Team Form


There is a strong reason for the Granata’s head honcho, Giampiero Ventura to be frustrated over the defeat to Parma. Other than failing to score additional points, the club is forced to play without their trusted striker, Ciro Immobile.


Immobile is a certified scoring machine for the Granatas. The trusted striker has already installed nine (9) goals out of his sixteen (16) appearances and losing him meant having a limited attacking option for Ventura.  During the match against Parma, Immobile left the pitch due to a sudden pull he felt in his thigh.


There is still no diagnosis with regards tyo his current condition. But his absence during the training, meant that he will more likely miss the Fiorentina encounter. Reports have it that he is expected to be sidelined for two (2) months. But this is yet to be confirmed.


Amidst the impending injury crisis, Ventura is expected to turn things in his club’s favor. Torino’s last three (3) home matches saw them emerged as the victorious ones and there is a high possibility for them to capitalize on such trend.



Fiorentina’s narrow victory over Livorno can be best described as a double-edged sword. The club gained three (3) more points to secure their spot in the table, but the match also triggered Giuseppe Rossi’s injury.

Rossi, who has been the go to guy of the club, injured his right knee again. Such injury was also the very same injury, which left him off the pitch for two (2) years. The striker is already heading to the United States to seek treatment.
Yet, despite Rossi’s injury, Vicenzo Montella never ran out of luck.


It turned out that Rossi can make it back to the pitch in six (6) to seven (7) weeks. The club is also expecting the return of another Fiorentina striker, Mario Gomez. Gomez has been sidelined since September after incurring an injury.


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Fiorentina’s three consecutive win will more likely continue. Definitel, Montella shall take advantage of this match and the other matches to follow to score more points and probably, enter the top three (3).



Image Source: Sporten