Sochaux vs. Nantes Preview: Nantes Recover From A Scoreless Stalemate

Updated: January 28, 2014

Held by Reims to a scoreless stalemate, the online betting favorite,  Nantes tries to clinch more points when they visit Stade Bonal and meet the minnow, Sochaux.


Match Date: 02 February 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade Bonal

Team Form


It remains uncertain if Sochaux will still make it to Ligue 1 next season.


Sochaux may have gained some inspiration with the draw against Ajaccio. But technically speaking,  it seems impossible for the club to leave the relegation zone.


With almost half way through the season, Sochaux has only accumulated twelve (12) points. They need at least nine (9) points to make it to the safety zone and this meant, winning their three (3) upcoming matches. But with their shaky form, such ambition may not come to existence.


Sochaux has already lost thirteen (13) of their last fourteen (14) matches and perhaps the encounter against Nantes will not have a very different result.



Reims just held Nantes to a scoreless stalemate during their last match. Indeed, it may be disappointing. Yet, in terms of Nantes’ survival this season, the result hardly bothers them. At any rate, the upcoming match against the minnow, Sochaux opens opportunity for them to score for more points and climb in the Ligue 1 table.


Nantes’ current form may not be as impressive as other clubs. they have only won twice in their last six (6) matches.  Yet, compared to Sochaux, theirs is a lot better and shows a higher potential of securing another victory.


Online betting’s top pick: Nantes

Nantes shall exploit the opportunity to make a stronger finish this season. Sochaux will probably make things a little bit more difficult for Nantes. However, with their lackluster performance, their efforts may fall too short in the attempt to bring down their opponent.



Image Source:  But Football Club