Serie A Preview: Torino to bag a narrow win over Bologna

Updated: September 17, 2013

Whether audiences are just casual football fans or online betting enthusiasts, Serie A will certainly be able to satisfy their need of a breathtaking watch. One good way of doing such is by pitting Bologna and Torino in the same pitch. Both sides are among the more popular squads in the Italian top-flight league and spectators will surely be pleased if these teams launch a duel. Needless to say, a fixture between these two will in fact approach on September 21. Bologna’s Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is set to serve as the venue and the match shall kick off at 21:00.


Torino have already scored all three possible results in the competition: a victory in the season opening over Sassuolo 2-0, a defeat in their second stint from Atalanta 0-2, and a draw in their most recent match with Milan 2-2. The outcomes might baffle supporters with regard to how The Bull will fare in the future, but coach Giampiero Ventura strives to bring out the best in his men. The side’s tourney with Milan almost gave them their second win in the tournament. D’Ambrosio opened the scoring in the 47th minute and was later followed by another goal from teammate, Cerci. They were already poised to thrash one of their strongest rivals, until Muntari and Balotelli impressively netted two goals just a few minutes before the match’s conclusion.


Bologna are yet to post a win in their new season campaign, having suffered a defeat in their curtain raiser (from Napoli 0-3) and only forced draws in their second (with Sampdoria 2-2) and third (with Udinese 1-1) appearances. The side have already conceded five goals but have only converted opportunities twice. Team boss Stefano Pioli has to find new means to counter their rivals’ attacks, maximize his men’s abilities, tighten their defense, and improve their conversion skills. The Red-Blues must carry out a silver lining in their streak in order for them to ascend in their current 15th placement.


Historically, Torino and Bologna have always been fighting neck-and-neck. Their duels would normally result in a draw with only a few occasions that either of them emerged as winners. For this round, another deadlock may be expected. The sides are running almost in the same speed and acceleration. If one of them actually comes out as champions, the scoring will surely be very narrow.


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