Serie A Match Preview (Week 27)

Updated: March 3, 2014
Fiorentina and Juventus

Juventus vs. Fiorentina

Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Juventus Stadium

Another down the wire match is about to take place between Juventus and Fiorentina. Considered as one of the highly anticipated derbies in Serie A, expect the encounter as yet another spectacular clash of tactical wars and spectacular skill display on the pitch.


Juventus take the online betting’s favorite role with odds to win at 2.08. This is despite Gialuigi Buffon’s claim of uncertainty over securing another scudetto. Currently, the Bianconneris maintain an 11-point lead over their closest title rival, AS Roma. Since they will be playing in their territory, one can expect them to exploit their home court advantage. Thus, betting at home (1.44) presents a high possibility of winning.


However, going for a 6.74 in Fiorentina’s favor also present a decent value. During their last encounter, the Violas outlasted Juve with a convincing 4-2 victory. They may have lost their battle against Lazio, but it cannot be denied that they remain as one of the strongest forces that Juve must overcome.


Prediction: Juventus

Image Source:  Vavel




Napoli vs. Roma

Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio San Paolo


Napoli and Roma had to settle for a stalemate in their previous encounters. Both aggressive, determined and unwilling to throw the white towel, it is highly possible for the two clubs to be content for another even steven finish.


Amidst their injury issues, the capital club was able to survive Inter’s attacks. They may have missed the opportunity to score more points, but at the very least, they did not go home empty-handed. As their head honcho, Rudi Garcia stressed, “drawing with Inter” is something that the club cannot be ashamed of. He also acknowledged the fact that they fought a “quality side.”  Roma remain on the 2nd spot of the table, despite the said draw.


As for Napoli, Rafael Napoli, was of course, disappointed over another stalemate. The brave Livorno took down the Partenopei when the latter’s very own Jose Reina scored an own goal and nailed the match’s equalizer.


The result of the said match was Napoli’s 2nd consecutive stalemate.


Prediction: Draw

A 3.30 value proves to be a decent value when one ventures into sports betting. As implied, there are no weaker side in this particular match.


Roma were able to keep a clean sheet in six (6) of their last seven (7) matches. They were also undefeated in fourteen  (14) of their last fifteen (15) encounters. However, Napoli’s form is also in good shape.


To note, they were undefeated in twelve (12) of their last thirteen (13) matches. In three (3) of its recent encounters, they have also limited the number of goals to 2.5.





Inter vs. Torino

Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza


The upset Giampiero Ventura stressed that the bulls readily need a “lesson in humility.” This was after the club succumbed to a disappointing loss against the mid-table Sampdoria.


Torino has yet to recover from a devastating loss against Juventus, but another tragedy struck them when Sampdoria stunned them with a surprising win. Instead of attacking their opponent—a trait that is often attributed to bulls, it was the opposite that happened. They were the ones who were attacked and kept at bay. It is also for this reason that Ventura feels ashamed of connecting Torino and the ambition of qualifying in the next season’s European competition.


The said defeat was Torino’s second consecutive loss in their last 6 matches.


In the meantime, Inter has managed to capitalize in their scoreless stalemate against Roma. It may not be beneficial for the capital club, but for Inter’s side, the draw allowed them to temporarily strengthen their hold of the qualifying spot in the European competition.


Prediction: Inter

Undefeated in their last nine home (9) matches, one is looking for a lucrative amount at a 1.50 odds when betting at home. However, as Torino is keen on redeeming themselves from a disappointing loss, they also elicit the possibility of forcing a draw. Under this context, the football betting odds of 3.90 for a draw looks to be a profitable wager.




Parma vs. Hellas Verona


Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Ennio Tardini


Parma moved a notch higher in the Serie A  table after knocking down the minnow Sassuolo in a down the wire match. The club was able to maintain their early lead when Marco Parolo scored the first and only goal of the match on the 2nd minute.
With the said victory, the club is just a point away from the possibility of qualifying in the European competition. Moreover, it also marked their six (6) undefeated run in the league.


Meanwhile, Hellas Verona dropped in the Serie A ranking after a disappointing scoreless stalemate with Bologna. Unable to score that could have changed  the course of the said match, the newly promoted club’s intention to play in the international arena has been temporarily halted.


Prediction: Parma

Giving out the Asian handicap of 0.5 to 1, Parma is pegged as the online bookies’ favorite with a 2.05 odds to win over Hellas Verona.


Undefeated in their last fourteen (14) matches, capitalizing on a 1.76 odds at home may also bring some decent value and since they (Parma) have been keeping clean sheets in five (5) of their last seven (7) matches, the 3.45 odds for an expected 0-1 total number of goal in the match is a profitable one.




Lazio vs. Atalanta


Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Olimpico


Lazio’s head honcho, Edoardo Reja expressed his relief when Lazio bagged the “needed win” over the strong Fiorentina. The club stole the limelight from the Violas when Lorik Cana’s “acrobatic shot” nailed an early goal on the 5th minute. Determined to protect their lead, the club prevented and deflected each and every scoring opportunities that their opponents had.


Due to the said victory, the Biancocelesti now sits at the 8th spot of the Serie A table. This also meant that they are just a notch away from qualifying in the European competition once again. Lazio have been undefeated in their last five (5) matches and so were their last five (5) encounters at home.


On the other hand, Atalanta’s Director General, Pierpaolo Marino was impressed of his side’s performance as well. This was after ensuring a narrow victory over Chievo Verona. The former scored two (2) goals courtesy of Carlos Carmona and Luca Cigarini.


Delighted by the improvement of their rank (they now sit at the 13th spot), Marino added that they need to shift their focus now on how they will improve their performance when playing outside of their comfort zone as Atalanta have already lost in their last nine (9) away matches.


Prediction: Lazio

Online sports betting sites such as 12BET root for Lazio as favorite to win over Atalanta. Sharing an Asian handicap of 1, the 2.13 odds of going for Lazio deliver a decent value. Likewise, the 1.61 odds of betting at home also guarantee a sure win. But for the adventurous ones, going for Lazio’s 3.76 odds of drawing at Stadio Olimpico is also a profitable wager.




Chievo Verona vs. Genoa


Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi


The defeat to Atalanta made Chievo Verona one of the clubs to suffer greatly last weekend. with the said loss, they dropped to the 17th spot of the table, which, naturally, left Eugenio Corini disappointed.
However, it was not the loss that really made Corino upset, but the fact that they were still able to put up a good fight if not for the red card handed over to Bostjan Cesar. As Corini described the match result, it was an “undeserved defeat.”


Chievo’s team form is currently under fire as they have only managed to win once in their last six (6) matches.


Meanwhile, Genoa is on a high as they were able to get the upper hand over Catania. With the help of Luca Antonelli and Stefano Sturaro, the club strengthened their tight grip of the 10th spot of Italy’s top-flight league.


Compared to Chievo, there is no doubt that Genoa has the better form. Their last 6 matches saw an undefeated run of 5 battles.


Prediction: Stalemate

Chievo outnumbers Genoa in terms of the matches they have won in their previous encounters. Historically speaking, this makes Chievo the stronger side than the hosts. However, there is an overt discrepancy in the clubs’ present form. This time, Genoa has the upper hand and can be easily dismissed as the sports betting’s  top pick.


Given the possibility that both clubs already know each other’s weaknesses, one cannot erased the probability for a draw to take place. A 3.21 odds is of decent value for bettors keeping an eye on this match.




Udinese vs. AC Milan


Match Date: 08 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Friuili


Several days ago, Francesco Guidolin warned his boys about being complacent, but it looks like his warning is now heading towards a different direction.  Just recently, Udinese suffered a major blow when Cagliari thrashed them with three (3) goals.


Udinese had to pay dearly for the said defeat since it pushed them to the 15th spot of the league ranking. This meant that they are endanger of joining the fierce relegation survival battle as they are just a few notches away from the relegation zone.


Making Udinese life more complicated is their match against AC Milan. Like them, the Rosonneris also encountered defeat when Juventus paid a visit. Milan may have been in a struggling form since the season started, yet, Udinese cannot immediately dismiss the strength of this side. As a matter of fact, both clubs share a similar form in which they both have 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw.


Prediction: Draw

Currently, AC Milan and Udinese are on an equal footing, given the result of their previous performances. A 2.99 sports betting odds for a draw is a lucrative one. Going for AC Milan on a 2.42 odds also delivers a decent value.




Sampdoria vs. Livorno


Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Comunale Luigi Ferraris


Sampdoria return to Comunale Luigi Ferraris with a renewed confidence after silencing the aggressive Torino. They have successfully thrashed an aspiring participant in the Europa League when they kept a clean sheet and fired 2 goals. Making the win even more rewarding is that the victory catapulted their rank to the 12th spot of the Serie A table.


In terms of the team form, Sampdoria sports an impressive form. They have only lost twice in their last 6 matches and presents a high possibility of securing more wins in the future.


Meanwhile, Livorno is also in high spirits when they forced the strong Napoli to settle for a 1-1 stalemate. The draw may be short of salvaging them from the relegation zone, but the result of their previous match was definitely an inspiring one.


Prediction:  Sampdoria

Sporting an Asian handicap of 0.5 to 1, Sampdoria are the online betting favorite of the upcoming match with a 2.09 odds.


But since both just came from inspiring feats, it is also possible for Livorno to feature in the match. Thus, a 4.41 odds in Livorno’s favor may also deliver a great value.




Catania vs. Cagliari


Match Date: 08 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Angelo Massimino


Diego Lopez described Cagliari’s victory as something they truly “deserve.” Needless to say, the win and the clean sheet against Udinese were absolute morale boosters for a club, which has been under fire due to their poor performance and possibility of being relegated for the next season.


Other than the praise and acknowledgment, what gives Cagliari the strength to keep on improving is their rise in the league ranking. They are now on the 14th spot of Serie A and are 3 notches safe from relegation.


If Cagliari has temporarily survived the relegation zone, this was not the case for Catania. As a matter of fact, it was stuck at the 19th spot of the table.
Catania have to endure a stay at the rock bottom part of the top-flight league as they succumbed to Genoa’s beatings. The loss was their 2nd consecutive defeat after an inspiring 3-1 win over Lazio.


Prediction: Draw

Both of Catania and Cagliari’s form are short of being impressive. The triumph over Lazio was the only win that Catania has in its last 6 matches, whilst, Cagliari has only managed to secure 2 victories.


Given these aspects at hand, one cannot disregard the fact that a draw shall decide the rifts between the two clubs.  Draw odds valued at 3.15 do the trick for this sports betting affair. Since Catania have been scoreless in 5 of their last 7 battles, it is possible for Cagliari to have a clean sheet. Thus, betting on a 3.50 odds in favor of the away club is also a lucrative bet.




Bologna vs. Sassuolo


Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Renato Della’ Ara


Bologna are slowly moving out of the relegation zone. With the scoreless stalemate against Hellas Verona, the club  jumped to the 16th spot of the table. Although they remain unsafe, the draw was a great sign of improvement. Bologna’s form is quite suffering though as they have only won once in their last 6 matches. However, compared to their upcoming visitor, Sassuolo, they definitely have the better form.


Speaking of Sassuolo, the club is currently at the rock bottom part of Serie A. Just recently, they lost to Parma, which marked their 6th losing streak.


Prediction: Bologna

Bologna emerge as the clear favorite of football betting tips as Sassuolo has already lost its last 7 matches in the league. Giving out an Asian handicap of 0. 5 to 1, a 2.26 odds in their favor is a profitable one.


Since less than 2.5 goals have been made in 8 of Bologna’s home matches, betting on under, with a 2.05 odds present a better value for the bettors.