Serie A Match Preview: Torino vs. Cagliari

Updated: March 28, 2014
Torino and Cagliari

Match Date: 30 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino


Torino’s narrow defeat to Roma forced them to slipped into the 11th spot of the table. Currently, it has to be temporarily content with staying out of the top 10 instead of seeing itself plunge into the rock bottom part of Italy’s top-flight league. It will soon have its chance of bouncing back to the top as they are fortunate enough to be pitted against the minnow, Cagliari.


It is quite hard to see Il Toro struggle knowing the depth and quality of some his players, to be more specific, Ciro Immobile. Immobile has been one of the talismanic forces in the squad. His spectacular skills have brought goals to the club, which could have been maximized if the whole squad has been vigilant in protecting their leads or immersed themselves in creating scoring opportunities.


But a closer look reveals an inner turmoil within the group. There have been allegations that Il Toro’s chairman, Urbano Cairo is hardly interested in seeing the troupe qualify for the European competition. This is in stark contrast to Giampiero Ventura’s ambition of making it big into the international football scene. The dilemma created by such conflicting interests is implied and believed to be one of the causes of the club’s steady decline.


And Torino is indeed, on the verge of declining. The Roma loss sealed its 5th defeat within their last 6 matches in the league. Pressured and stressed, the club has no choice but to make an impression against its upcoming opponent.


Cagliari may be on the 15th spot, but it is a no pushover.


Just recently, Cagliari dominated the encounter against Hellas Verona. It has managed to secure 3 crucial points, which strengthened their grip of the 15th spot. Somehow, they are still safe from the relegation zone and  is willing to fight tooth and nail to protect and improve what it has.


In terms of the team form, Cagliari has fared better  than Torino in their last 6 matches. It was able to clinch 2 victories within the said encounters and has readily performed like a certified online betting favorite.


But they are not the top pick. Still, this is something that goes to Torino’s side—thanks to the depth of their squad and their high rank.


Prediction: Torino

Torino has what it takes to be the heavy favorite of the match. But they have to man on the pitch and be wary of the spoils that Cagliari has in store for them.



Image Source: Sky Sports