Serie A Match Preview: Sampdoria vs. Fiorentina

Updated: March 28, 2014
Napoli and Fiorentina 2

Match Date: 30 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Comunale Luigi Ferraris


A tired Fiorentina shall face an inspired Fiorentina this weekend. After falling off to AC Milan, the Violas are desperate for a victory in order to maintain its current rank. As of this writing, the club tries to keep a 3-point lead ahead of their closest rival, Internazionale.


This season witnessed Fiorentina flourished. It was one of the clubs that showed potential and enthusiasm in topping the Serie A table. However, a steady decline halted the squad’s ambitions to qualify the Champions League. They had the chance. Yet, “fatigue and injuries” slowly consumed them. They could have lowered Napoli’s lead to 7 and with several matches left, it is still, possible for them to catch up. But such plan did not materialize and so here they are, scrambling and cramming to get more points so as not to drop in their current rank.


On the other hand, Sampdoria projects a different story. With their victory against Sassuolo, the club ensured their appearance next season. The outcome of its succeeding matches is therefore, irrelevant in terms of their survival. It has the luxury of sporting a mediocre performance or continue to try to move higher in the Serie A table.


Sampdoria, however, is not the type of club, which has a penchant for losing. Certainly, it has already survived this season. But rest assured that it shall force a down the wire match against Fiorentina in order to achieve a stronger finish. As Sinisa Mihajlovic stressed, he is confident that La Samp’s offensive mindset shall help them achieve their goals.


The club’s offensive mindset is evident in their performance against the Violas. During its last 3 matches against Fiorentina, over 2.5 goals have been recorded. This is quite different from the average of 2 goals that the latter has  thrown against them.


Due to the strengths shown by these two, there is also the likelihood for the match to end in an even steven finish.


Prediction: Draw

Sports betting odds for a draw is valued at 3.05 in 12BET. 


Image Source: CBC Sports