Serie A Match Preview: Napoli vs. Juventus

Updated: March 28, 2014
Napoli and Juventus

Match Date: 30 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio San Paolo


It is difficult not to expect an epic match between Napoli and Juventus. With their Serie A statures and impressive performances, expect Stadio San Paolo to explode with spectacular goals and clinical finishes that prove how beautiful football is.


First off, Juventus just secured its 6 unbeaten run when they snatched an important win over Parma. The significance of such victory stems from the fact that Juve had the honors to end Parma’s undefeated run in 17 matches. Other than that, the win also extended their winning streak to 22 matches.


Carlos Tevez was the match’s hero. He scored 2 important goals, which gave Juve the lead and left Parma struggling. Unfortunately, the hero shall be sidelined during the Bianconeri and Partenopei’s clash, much to the disappointment of many. No, it has nothing to do with an injury.


Carlitos, who also happened to be Serie A’s top score received his 5th yellow card during the Parma clash and will have to attend the match on the sidelines. Although he is upset, Tevez saw the suspension as an opportunity to take rest and hopefully, feature in the match against Lyon.


At a glance, Tevez’s absence gives Napoli the outright advantage. They will be playing in their own territory, where they maintain 8 undefeated streaks against Juventus. But they cannot be too sure.


Napoli’s own striker, Gonzalo Higuain seems to be having some issues with the club. During the narrow defeat Fiorentina, the camera caught the “angry” Higuain, 10 minutes before the match ended. However, Rafael Benitez stressed that the striker’s reaction was due to the squad’s lackluster performance and has nothing to do with the substitution.


But another red flag was raised when Higuain was left out during the encounter against Catania. Benitez was quick to react that he wanted a strong player to “lead the line” and give playing time to others.


Tevez and Higuain’s presence is instrumental in the match. As these two are highly influential on the pitch, issues and controversies surrounding them are closely monitored to see if they will affect the performance of the two.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that dilemmas faced by these players also add more flavor and excitement in this battle.


Prediction: Draw


Napoli and Juventus are both strong clubs. These two are more than willing to fight tooth and nail, but it will be hard to see one of them throwing the white towel. Throughout the season, both have been consistent online betting favorites. It is one of those matches characterize by their unpredictability, except for the fact that they might consider a draw as a much better option than losing.


A draw is pegged at a decent value of 3.20 in 12BET.


Image Source: BEIN Sports