Serie A Match Preview: Livorno vs. Lazio

Updated: April 22, 2014
Livorno and Lazio

Match Date: 27 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: Armando Picchi


Can Livorno survive?


Following the club’s 3-0 thrashing against AC Milan that resulted to a downward spiral in the relegation zone, Domenico di Carlo was sacked and the responsibility to ensure Amaranto’s survival was returned to its former head honcho, Davide Nicola.


On a closer look, the move was a practical one. Instead going through the pains of massive adjustments, the club could easily shift their focus as Nicola is no stranger in the group.


Unfortunately, the Amarantos only have 4 matches left. Realistically speaking their current situation forces them to accept the fact that they might lose their Serie A status soon.


Their upcoming match is pitted against Lazio, which is the evident favorite not only of fans, but also of sports betting sites. However, with their current form, they might experience difficulties in outlasting the Biancocelesti.


Livorno lost in 5 of its last 6 matches. A surprising draw against Inter was the best result that they have come up with. In addition to that, their 6 unsuccessful matches have also witnessed them concede an average of 2 goals, which is very much detrimental to their vision of securing a strong finish.


Lazio on the other hand, is well aware of what awaits them. Indeed, they are the stronger club. Yet, they cannot afford to be over-confident as their team form requires improvement tool. They have only won twice in its last 6 matches and if not for the draws, they could have slipped into the mid-table as well. They need to match their home court advantage with their skillful acts in the pitch. Livorno may be a minnow, but they cannot underestimate its will to survive.


Prediction: Lazio


Image Source: Zimbio