Serie A Match Predictions

Updated: September 20, 2013


Match Preview: Catania vs. Parma


Match Date: 22 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Angelo


Online Sports Betting Tip — Parma eyes for a stronger finish despite failing to win a single match this season. Their only consolation, however is that they have managed to secure a draw in one of their encounters. Whether they win or force a draw against Catania, they (Parma) are still, guaranteed of a better ranking than Catania.


The Crusaders are bestowed with a golden opportunity to snatch their first victory in Serie A as they meet Catania.


Parma is in a much better form than its upcoming opponent. The club never won a match, but at least, they managed to secure a draw. Their only shortcoming is that 2 of their most recent matches ended in a dismal defeat.


If Parma’s performance is a bit unacceptable, Catania’s problem is even bigger. After finishing on the 8th spot last season, the club has already lost its last 3 matches. Already in the relegation zone, Rolando Maran is in dire need of a plausible solution to end their losing streak.


The Verdict: Parma seals 1st Serie A victory

Catania could have been an immediate heavy favorite if the only basis was their position last season. Parma finished on the 10th spot. But currently, they present a better performance.


Apart from losing its last 3 matches, Catania has also conceded a minimum of 2 goals in their last 4 matches. This is why despite playing in their own soil, Parma, still, has the edge over them.



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Match Preview: Chievo  vs. Udinese


Match Date: 21 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Marc’Antonio Betegodi


Online Sports Betting Tip — Udinese is determined to put a stop to its slow start this season. Although playing in a different territory, the club is confident of clinching their 2nd victory. 


Udinese’s last 3 matches gave them a taste of every possible match result that a  club can experience. However, it is quite disappointing that they have to experience it at the onset of the season. Its previous encounters resulted to a win, a draw and a loss. Certainly, this is far from what Francesco Guidolin envisioned—not from the club, which occupied the 5th spot last season.


Meanwhile, Chievo lingers in the relegation zone. Opening the season with a draw, the expected improvement ended in 2 consecutive losses, instead.
Last season, the Gialloblu occupied the 12th spot. Unfortunately, their current performance was barely close to what they have expected.


The Verdict: Udinese to clinch their 2nd win

Udinese is a strong force during their away matches. As a matter of fact, the club won 11 of their 12 encounters in Serie A. Although they are playing outside of their own comfort zones, still, they present a high possibility of winning.


Unfortunately, for Chievo, they have a record of conceding more than 2.5 goals whenever they go against Udinese. The latter can very much take advantage of this scenario to further strengthen their campaign this season.


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