AS Roma vs. Genoa Preview: Roma Signs Nainggolan As Scudetto Bid Continues

Updated: January 8, 2014
Roma- Nainggolan

Roma just signed Radja Nainggolan, thus giving them a boost in their current line-up. Lagging behind Juventus by eight (8) points, Nainggolan’s presence brings them back to the title race and of course, an automatic online bookie favorite.


Match Date: 12 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Olimpico


Team Form

AS Roma

Three goals and a clean sheet from Juventus left the capital club devastated. Instead of narrowing the Biaconerri’s lead, their loss added three (3) more points to the incumbent champ’s record. Although it is still too early to say that the Scudetto race is finally over, it looked live Juve gains the right for an early celebration.


On the other hand, if one applies an ounce of optimism, there is still, hope for Roma to clinch the silverware and perhaps the best way to do it is to secure a win against Genoa.


Roma just secured the signature of midfielder Radja Nainggolan, who was also a target of other major club such as Juventus, Milan and Napoli.  His presence is expected to add more depth to the club as they continue their quest for the Scudetto and certainly, his strength can be fully tested during the Genoa match.


The upcoming encounter can be described as a give-away win for the Roma. They play the strongest at home and this evident in eight (8) of their last ten (10) matches, in which they got the upper-hand.


Indeed, a win against Genoa can be a good start since the succeeding matches are less likely to give them a major headache. However, if in the end, Roma, experiences defeat, then perhaps. The club needs a major overhaul long before a lackluster performance becomes an uncontrollable habit.



Winning over Sassoulo barely permits Genoa from relaxing. Instead, it was just the beginning of an uphill climb that they are about to go through.


On a closer look, Genoa’s current rank is way much better than it has achieved last season. Now on the 8th spot of the Serie  A table, this is a major leap from what they had before. Last season the best rank that they can come up with, was a notch higher than the relegation zone. They could very much end in the same pot again, should they let their losing side overpower them.


After the Rona match, Genoa’s succeeding encounters are pretty competitive as they will have to face Fiorentina and Inter. Losing any of them presents a possibility of slipping down to the mid table.


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Roma did not secure Nainggolan’s signature for nothing. Apparently, this move is geared towards clinching the silverware and dominating Italy’s top-flight league again.



Image Source: Fede Nerazzurra