AS Roma vs Inter Preview: Roma Still Strong Despite Stadium Ban

Updated: February 25, 2014
Roma and Inter

Despite missing the support of its fans due to a stadium ban, AS Roma remain as the match’s online betting favorite. Their strong form and impressive performance at Stadio Olimpico shall be their ticket to success as they go against the threatening, Inter.


Match Date: 01 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Olimpico


Team Form



After a narrow victory over the brave Bologna, the Giallorossi is keen on extending their eleven (11) consecutive wins at home as they face the equally aggressive Inter.


With the capital club sporting a nearly perfect form, it is indeed, difficult to put a stop to their strong campaign. Other than their undefeated performance at Stadio Olimpico, it must be also noted that they also have an untainted record during their last six (6) matches.


However, despite their home court advantage, there is no assurance that the capital club can exploit it for their benefit since they are subjected to a stadium ban. The unfortunate scenario was the result of the “anti-Neopolitan chant” directed at Napoli.


Due to the said incident, two (2) of Stadio Olimpico’s curves shall be closed as well as the Distinti Sud.


Roma’s team captain Francesco Totti lamented on this issue and stressed that the “empty curves” tend to deliver “strange sensations.” Totti further disclosed his hopes that the said situation shall not affect AS Roma’s succeeding performances.



After two (2) consecutive wins, the Nerazzuri was forced to settle for a stalemate against Cagliari. It might be disappointing to some, but then again, scoring a single point is better than going home empty-handed.


Inter’s current form is competitive enough to face AS Roma’s future assaults on the pitch. During their last six (6) matches, they have won, lost and drew twice—not bad considering their previous performances of other clubs.


The Nerazzuris may also use Roma’s stadium ban to their advantage and who knows, they might cause an upset in the said match.


Prediction: AS Roma

The contribution of a massive fan support cannot be belittled. It is evident that it is one of the determining factors towards achieving success. However, for a strong club like Roma, this will hardly cause them a problem.



Image Source:  New Age BD