Real Valladolid vs. Elche Preview: Fierce Clash Await Valladolid And Elche

Updated: February 6, 2014
Real Valladolid

An epic battle for survival is about to take place at Estadio Mestalla as Valladolid and Elche try to outlast each other and secure the right to be hailed as the online betting favorite  and stay in Spain’s top flight league. 


Match Date: 08 February 2014 (local time)
Venue: Estadio Mestalla

Team Form

Real Valladolid

Despite the scoreless stalemate against Getafe, Real Valladolid’s head honcho, Juan Ignacio Martinez was satisfied with the club’s performance. The top brass looks forward to going against another relegation prone club, Elche and is keen on collecting more points.


Securing four (4) points from their two (2) consecutive matches triggered the Pucela’s momentum to get out of the relegation zone. They are still one of the bottom three after the scoreless stalemate, but at least they are not on the rock bottom part of the table. The even steven finish also lessened the pressure often felt by struggling clubs as  Valladolid only need to secure two (2) points to make it to the safe side.


The Pucelas will be missing the presence of scoring machine Javi Guerra during the Elche match after receiving a red card.  Guerra is also set for an exit to Cardiff City. Nevertheless, this issue is already addressed with the entry of striker, Jeffren Suarez.



Just four (4) points ahead of Valladolid, Elche’s midfielder Carles Gil is aware that they remain as one of the relegation candidates. Gil stressed that the only way to survive this season is to gain more points and keep a safe distance from the relegation zone.

The Los Franjiverdes was still in awe and joy after a narrow victory against Almeria. Like Valladolid, they too, are happy for the points earned. Elche, however, will need to work on their away form.


Three (3) of their last performances in foreign territories have resulted to their defeat and have seen them concede at least three (3) goals.


Damian Suarez will be sidelined in the upcoming match due to a suspension. But fortunately, there is a possibility for Aaron to return to the pitch soon.


Prediction: Draw

A down the wire match is about to take place with both Elche and Valladolid eager to score more points and ensure their survival this season. The two will less likely to allow each other to take advantage of their petty mistakes and bad decisions on the pitch. Given this aspects at hand, only an even steven finish can appease both squads.
Image Source:  La Interna de Velasco