Real Madrid vs. Galatasaray Preview (Champions League): Real Madrid, Still Strong Despite Khedira’s Injury

Updated: November 20, 2013
Real Madrid - Khedira

Real Madrid shall be missing the services of Sami Khedira after the midfielder incurred an injury while performing his international duty. Nonetheless, given their long list of players who can temporarily take Khedira’s post, it is not surprising to see the Los Blancos as the heavy favorite of online betting sites against Galatasaray. 



Match Date: 27 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu


Team Form

Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s strong form coupled with the depth of experience keeps the club’s Champions League campaign alive. This is even with the absence of Sami Khedira. Khedira is sidelined due to a nasty injury while performing his international duties for Germany. The midfielder needs to go through a surgery and rehabilitation after damaging his anterior cruciate ligament. He expected to remain on the bench for at least 6 months.


Since his participation in the 2010 World Cup, Khedira has established a reputation as a midfielder. Recognized for his impressive coverage of the pitch, he plays a vital role in strengthening the flanks, setting a more stable and reliable defence and giving more attacking options. Indeed, his absence can be seen as a major loss despite Real Madrid’s talent pool.


On the other hand, while it is true that Khedira is an integral part of Real Madrid, this barely diminishes the club’s possibility of clinching a victory. They remain as the club’s heavy favorite. Khedira may be out, yet, Casemiro, Illarramendi, Isco and Ángel Di María can take up his post.
Real Madrid will be playing in their own territory and this gives them outright advantage in the match. They are undefeated in their last 5 matches and averages with 2 goals per encounter. Given their established position in the tournament, Real Madrid is less likely to falter amidst the injury issues, which they currently, confront.



Galatasaray is in dire need of a victory despite closely trailing behind Real Madrid.


Complacency has no room for Galatasaray. Tied with FC Copenhagen with 4  points, the latter can easily overpower them in the ranking. Should they win in the match against Juventus and Galatasaray lost, Roberto Mancini and his men are looking forward towards an early exit of the tournament. The Turkey-based club’s edge against FC Copenhagen is a 1-point goal difference, which can be easily toppled down by a victory or a huge number of goals.



Football betting tip: Real Madrid 2-0 Galatasaray

Real Madrid definitely, gets the upper hand in this particular match. But they should expect Galatasaray to force a down the wire match.


Image Source: Euro Sport