Real Betis vs. Real Madrid Preview: Real Madrid, Determined To Return On The Title Race

Updated: January 13, 2014
Real Madrid- Pepe

Happy and content with their recent victory against Espanyol, the top football betting pick, Real Madrid is keen on winning yet another match to equalize to current table leaders, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.


Match Date: 18 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera
Team Form

Real Betis

Real Betis’ head honcho, Juan Carlos Garrido blames the club’s “basic mistakes” for the defeat suffered from Osasuna.
Garrido stressed that the squad’s inability to learn from the “childish mistakes,” prevented them from moving away from the rock bottom part of the relegation zone—and for a club, which struggles to survive, the effects of such errors are costly. He (Garrido) added that they need to enforce a “radical change” to guarantee their appearance in the top-flight league next season.


One of the radical changes that the club perceives is securing a profitable deal in the transfer market. The signing of Cristian “Pichi” Erbes is one of the concrete steps taken by the club. Erbes presence is expected to improve the squad’s deteriorating defence.
But with just nineteen (19) matches left, there are still doubts on whether the club can still  make it to the next season.


Real Madrid

Despite scoring just a single goal, Real Madrid’s narrow win against Espanyol was enough to secure their spot in the title race.


Known for thrashing their opponents, the Los Blancos are content with their win against Espanyol. This meant that they are still, a strong contender for the title race via limiting their gap to current team leaders, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, to three (3).


Indeed, it was one of Real Madrid’s defining moments. With the said victory, all they need is to secure another win to equalize. And of course, winning their next series of pitch encounters, may eventually put them on the lead.


Real Madrid have been successful in eight (8) of their last nine (9) matches. Going against Real Betis, expect the club to snatch another three points under its belt.


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Needless to say, Real Madrid gets the upper hand in this particular match. Their impressive team form alone, speaks of their superiority against Real Betis, which takes the minnow’s role in the match.



Image Source: CBC Sports