Preview: Fulham to face Sunderland at the Premier League opening

Updated: July 29, 2013
Fulham vs Sunderland

Their last Premier League match was not even won by a nose. Culminating in a draw 2-2, the competition must have polarized supporters of both Sunderland and Fulham. Nevertheless, such a steep battle was indicative that both sides have the stamina to not easily submit to their opponents, that keeping an eye on them would seem indispensable. This Premier League opening, The Black Cats and The Cottagers will prove again that their tourney is something to be looked forward to. To be held at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, will the match finally produce a winner out of these contenders?
Prior to the aforementioned match, Sunderland hardly scored a home in a month and a half. It would have been epic for Paolo Di Canio’s men to turn that streak upside-down only if the match did not end in a draw. The last 60 seconds almost allowed John O’Shea to head Adam Johnson’s corner into the side netting.
Fulham was barely on track to achieve a goal before obtaining a penalty to open the scoring. Winger Ashkan Dejagah went past Sunderland’s Craig Gardner easily while Dimitar Berbatov smoothly sent the ball into the corner, leaving Simon Mignolet ingrained to the spot.
Near the brink of the match, Sunderland should have made ascendancy in the League chart with a win almost engraved to their foot. However, the tourney eventually went on deadlock and Martin Jol’s players were able to boost their standing even more until they seized the 12th spot in the season’s final tally. Sunderland fetched a place (17th) just enough to allow it to shun the relegation-prone bottom three.
August 17 will see Sunderland and Fulham fight with each other again. Spectators would be thrilled to witness the teams’ pitch displays anew but Sunderland should take more serious efforts this time around for them to subdue their opponents.
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