Preview: Arsenal going against Aston Villa for Premier League opening

Updated: July 23, 2013



The June 19 fixture report assigns Arsenal in the opening season of the Premier League, going head-to-head against Aston Villa. The match will be held on August 17 with The Gunners’ home court, Emirates Stadium, serving as venue.

Both English sides are ready to devour a blazing win in their upcoming match—with The Lions engineering an opening-day upset for its opponent, and Arsenal preparing a slash-and-burn approach for its rival. Paul Lambert just pep talked with his men, pushing them to their limits as they are faced with a daunting start to the season. Arsene Wenger, meanwhile, is already streamlining new strategies that are slated to storm their home stadium with roaring rifts and innings.

On the final day of last season’s Premier League campaign, Arsenal subdued Newcastle United 1-0 and ranked fourth place overall, surpassing Tottenham. Laurent Koscielny scored the winning goal with an energetic barrage after 52 minutes. Thanks to a late strike from Gareth Bale, the match did not end in a draw. Apart from defeating Newcastle, Arsenal also won over Wigan (4-1) and Queens Park (1-0).

Unlike their opponent, Aston Villa did have a draw match with its latest tourney with Wigan. Darren Bent opened the scoring for Villa early on with an entertaining finish, but Roberto Martinez’s side freed an effective revenge. Preceding this match, however, was a defeat, after Chelsea scored one goal higher than the Lions 2-1. But in the two earlier tournaments, the squad managed to obtain back-to-back wins: one with Norwich (1-2) and the other with Sunderland (1-6).

Opening the new season of Premier League can put immense pressure to the competing teams. With Arsenal and Aston Villa both aiming to install a strong barricade in their goal areas, it would be very tough to determine which side will elicit flying colors in the end. That said, a draw has to be expected.






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