Premier League Preview: City and The Red Devils en route to a drastic derby

Updated: September 19, 2013

A derby as massive as a hailstorm (might still be an understatement), the derby between Manchester’s most remarkable clubs on September 21 will absolutely be a hotspot for football betting, news coverage, and supporter war. Manchester City and Manchester United are set for a Premier League fifth week tourney at the Etihad Stadium, and both sides are already mustering their best bullets to secure a superb, well-deserved finish.


Fresh from winning their stint in the Champions League against Czech warriors, Viktoria Plzen, Manchester City proved their ingenuity as a continental powerhouse. Although they opened their match a little timid, City were energized at the restart of the tourney, netting three consecutive goals—from Dzeko, Toure, and Aguero—within just 10 minutes. In their previous matches at the Premier League, the squad have won twice: one in the curtain raiser (against Newcastle United 4-0) and another one in their third appearance (against Hull City 2-1). Their second and fourth stints in the tournament gave Manuel Pellegrini’s men their first defeat and draw, respectively.


Also finishing their recent Champions League match successful, Manchester United cannot be any happier with a four-goal achievement and reaching the 200 goal milestone in the tournament. Thanks mainly to the prolific Wayne Rooney who scored two of those goals and assisted Valencia in their final inning. In the Premier League, The Red Devils debuted with a strong 4-1 success over Swansea City. This was later followed by a 0-0 draw with Chelsea and a 0-1 defeat from current frontrunners, Liverpool. In their fourth (and most recent) appearance, David Moyes’ men reclaimed the winning spot after thrashing newly promoted Crystal Palace in a 2-0 final score.


As per fourth Premier League week, City and The Red Devils have been ranked in the fourth and fifth places, respectively. The former have so far only conceded three goals and earned a total of seven points. The defending champions, meanwhile, have already amassed six goals and also obtained a seven-point total. In this derby between Manchester’s fiercest squads, a tremendous amount of pressure abounds. The tight clash will hardly produce a winner, but in the most salient of the circumstance, Manchester United might obtain a narrow one-point lead over their arch-rivals.


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