Premier League Preview: Chelsea vs. Arsenal

Updated: October 3, 2014

Match Date: 05 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stamford Bridge


Chelsea and Arsenal—one of the biggest rivalries in the Premier League shall meet in a clash characterized by a battle of wits, skills and immaculate passion for football. Last season, both Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger actively participated in a series of word war and mind games to settle their differences. Which team will rise to the top? Can Chelsea maintain their winning streak? Or will Arsenal disappoint them?


The contenders


Chelsea’s (striker drought) last season was apparently, filled by the Diego Costa and Didier Drogba. Although Drogba’s playing time has been limited, it cannot be denied that he remains an influential force on the pitch.


In terms of team form, it is evident that the Blues have the upper-hand. So far, it has won five (5) of its six (6) matches, except for the even steven finish that it had against Manchester City. Chelsea is also successful in its Champions League campaign.
With things going smoothly for the football betting favorite, its chances of dominating the match are high.



Arsenal’s draw against Tottenham readily prevented them from securing a slot in the Premier League’s top 3.


So far, four (4) of its last six (6) matches ended in a draw and although it is a bit disappointing, the club has managed to prevent a slip in the league table.


The only concern for the Gunners, however, is the increasing number of its injured players.


Possible head turners

But of course, it will be a total disappointment if Diego Costa fails to score. This scoring beast has been one of the most celebrated personalities in and out of Stamford Bridge.



Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal


Image Source: BBC