Premier League Preview: Aston Villa eyeing narrow lead over Norwich

Updated: September 16, 2013

It has only been a few weeks since the new season of the Premier League kicked off, yet English clubs are already showing near-summit performances to rule the entire competition. But for lower mid-table occupants, Norwich and Aston Villa, the victorious finish line is still miles away and much effort must have to be exerted in order to ascend from their current rankings. On September 21, the said sides will launch a meeting to battle out for their fifth-week stint. Winning this match will be particularly crucial for Aston Villa, who are just two spots away from the relegation zone.


Aston Villa debuted in the season with a staggering win over Arsenal 3-1, making them the early favorites among online betting enthusiasts. However, their second appearance was marred by a defeat from Chelsea 1-2. It was a generally entertaining match many spectators expected it to end in a draw after Villa’s Christian Benteke was able to unleash an equalizer for their opponents’ opening score. Chelsea were later able to lord over the match with a 73rd minute goal by Ivanovic. The Villa’s third and fourth competitions did not help them either, succumbing to rivals such as Liverpool 0-1 and Newcastle United 1-2. The side were nevertheless massively successful in the League Cup, having been able to slam Rotherham United in a 3-0 victory.


Of the four matches they had (so far) in the English top-level football, Norwich have already posted two losses, obtained one draw, and secured one win. Their opening performance was a deadlock with Everton 2-2 and was painfully followed by a defeat (in an otherwise enjoyable match) from Hull City 1-0. The side’s tourney against Southampton gave them their first victory in the tournament, with Nathan Redmond scoring the only goal in the battle. Their fourth appearance, however, gave them another defeat when Tottenham Hotspur successfully deterred their rivals from making any goal. Like Villa, The Canaries also exuded great performance in the League Cup, thrashing League Two players Bury in a 6-3 final tally.


Football betting tip: Aston Villa and Norwich last competed on May 5 with the former eventually winning the clash 2-1. The match prior to that match was also won by Villa 1-4. As per current statistics, Norwich are two goals short of Villa’s total score. In other words, this match will result in favor of The Villa, which will allow them to climb up in the table a little higher.


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