Premier League Match Preview: West Ham United vs. Hull City

Updated: March 24, 2014
West Ham United And Hull City

Match Date: 26 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Upton Park


Prior to the face-off against Manchester United, West Ham’s head honcho, Sam Allardyce did the noble act of reminding his players of their club’s future. The scenario was akin to that of a general motivating his army to go down the wire in order to have a taste of their hero’s welcome.


Yet, Allardyce’s word did not deliver the intended results. A wonder goal by Manchester United’s striker, Wayner Rooney on the 8th minute submerged the aggressive West Ham soldiers into cold water. Suddenly, all that was left of their burning fire were mere cinders, desperately trying to give light to their waning performance.


They could have exploited the disappointment felt in Manchester United’s side when an injury struck Van Persie. Their reasons for winning were stronger than that of their opponent. However, it was the least expected result that came to life. Not only did West Ham slipped in the table, they aggravated the matter via succumbing into  3 consecutive defeats.


And with West Ham still licking its wounds from its previous clash, will they still make it against Hull City? The Hammers are the favorite to win in sports betting sites such as 12BET. Indeed, they are pegged to win at 2.01 as they are more experienced than the newly promoted Hull. Yet, they cannot be too complacent.


Amidst the controversies it confront in changing its name—which, eventually resulted in fans casting their votes in the “Tigers’ ballot,” Hull has made a deafening roar against West Bromwich Albion. Imposing its dominance, Hull snatched the limelight away from their opponent when they secured the 2-0 victory and move to the 12th spot of the table.


At a glance, the squad hardly threatens the veteran West Ham. But seniority is irrelevant in this case. A lower rank against their upcoming opponent simply meant that their overall performance has been inferior. And so while it is true that they are the favorite, it is also possible for Hull to turn the odds into their favor. Valued at 1.92 in 12BET, the Tigers manifest a strong side that cannot be fully underestimated.


Seniority is only irrelevant if West Ham fail to understand the value of their EPL experience. They have been here for quite some time now. Ensuring their survival should be a piece of cake. But unless they exploit the experience that they have—unless they use it to their advantage, their possibility of dropping out of the top flight league remains high.


Prediction: West Ham

West Ham are pegged as heavy favorite of the match. Yet, if they do not capitalize on their strength, they might be force to settle for a draw.


Image Source: Zimbio