Premier League Match Preview: Swansea vs. Chelsea

Updated: April 7, 2014
Swansea and Chelsea

Match Date: 13 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: Liberty Stadium


Swansea is at risk of losing its Premier League status after suffering a crucial loss to Hull City. With a little less than 5 matches left, the club is in dire need of securing a victory against the strong title contender, Chelsea.


The importance of securing a victory against Hull stems from the fact that it can safeguard Swansea from the possibility of slipping into the relegation zone. But with the said loss, the club dropped to the 15th spot. The drop was quite unacceptable knowing for a fact that they are now trailing the previously struggling and relegation- prone club, Crystal Palace. But as the season near its end, it looked like the latter has already outranked them.


Meanwhile, in as far as Chelsea is concerned, the latter just recovered from an unexpected loss to Crystal Palace. The Blues exacted their revenge via scoring 3 goals and keeping their opponent at bay.


Aside from securing a massive win, Jose Mourinho also sent a warning to his title contenders. He stressed that despite the losses and shortcomings that Chelsea experienced, they cannot be totally eliminated from the title race.


Mourinho’s positivity extends to Chelsea’s upcoming Champions League encounter against Paris Saint Germain (PSG). The club’s head honcho emphasized the importance of their victory against Stoke as it restored the team’s faith and confidence.


Trailing Liverpool by 2 points, the online betting favorite, Chelsea is confident that they can still outrank the Reds and their first step begins at clinching an important victory against Swansea.


Prediction: Chelsea


Image Source: Atomic Soda