Premier League Match Preview: Sunderland vs. Everton

Updated: April 7, 2014
Sunderland and Everton

Match Date: 12 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadium of Light


Everton’s manager, Roberto Mancini is keen on making the most of its last 4 matches as the club looks forward to securing a spot in the Champions League. Meanwhile, Sunderland’s Gus Poyet is also as keen as Mancini, except that his is for a different purpose and that is to survive and retain the Black Cats’ Premier League status.


The Tofees’ well-deserved victory against Arsenal is perhaps one of the club’s most spectacular performances. To overpower a (title contender) is never an easy feat and evidently, the club did it with ease. But Everton was not simply contented in collecting victories, this season, the club is determined to do something better and if only one will take a closer look, it is obvious that Everton is the only club as of this writing, which has kept an undefeated 5-match winning streak,


With success within their reach, Mancini claims that he wants his club to be in a “perfect form” in their remaining matches.
Sunderland also gears towards a similar direction as that of Everton. Yet, as mentioned, it is more of ensuring its survival. Contrary to the online betting favorite, Everton, Sunderland continues to seek for a solution to end its 6-match losing streak.


Poyet is very much aware of its club’s situation. This is why aside from snatching wins in the Premier League, he is also formulating plans for the Championship. As he explained, Sunderland needs to be more “realistic.”


Prediction: Everton


Image Source: Telegraph