Premier League Match Preview: Stoke City vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Updated: April 21, 2014
Stoke and Tottenham

Match Date: 26 April 2014 (local time))

Venue: Brittania Stadium


Tottenham’s aspiration for a better and stronger finish this season may have to wait for a while. The same thing sounds true for Stoke City. Currently, time has been the clubs’ worst enemies as they currently have limited opportunities to score more points.


Stoke just escaped a thriller from the resilient Cardiff. With the draw, the club was able to keep a strong grip on the Premier League’s top 10 and somehow, temporarily survive Crystal Palace’s aggressive attempt to outshine them. But Crystal Palace’s threat remained strong.  One wrong move and they might be forced to settle in the mid-table. Due to this, the Potters are obviously, left with no other option but to get the upper hand in their upcoming match.


On the other hand, if one has to take a closer look at Tottenham’s aspirations of qualifying into the Europa League, one can see that  it is still, possible. However, this does not depend on Tottenham alone. Their continuous climb in the Premier League elite also relies on the performances of Everton and Arsenal—and given the intense competition between the two, it is less likely that any of the two will want to wave the white flag in their next pitch battles. This therefore explains why Tottenham’s possibilities of making to the international scene remain slim. But they remain as sports betting’s favorite though.


Tottenham has scored an average of 3 goals in its last 3 matches. Yet, they have also conceded the same number of goals. This therefore, forces them to be extra careful when they go against Stoke as the latter has been pretty much successful in it slast 4 matches at home.


Prediction:  Tottenham Hotspur


Image Source: Zimbio