Premier League Match Preview: Liverpool vs. Sunderland

Updated: March 24, 2014
Liverpool and Sunderland

Match Date: 25 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Anfield


There is no question why Liverpool is 12BET’s online betting favorite to win against Sunderland. Seriously, it is beyond the ranking disparities between the two that makes the Reds an outright pick at a profitable odd of 1.16. Instead, it is the frightening danger that this club brings into the pitch.


Last season, Liverpool was no more than a “so-so” club capitalizing on their past glories. However, the entry of Brendan Rodgers and the positive response of the players have turned him into an unstoppable beast that is now contending for the title and an appearance in the Champions League next season.


The sudden shift from being a “so-so” outfit to a “spectacular squad” is indeed, a frightening scene.


But as mentioned, Rodgers is not the sole orchestrator of this impressive performance. The presence of Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerard, to name a few, sends a strong signal to those who will dare to oppose. So far, these three have been standout figures in the club’s 6-match undefeated streak.


Liverpool’s winning rampage is also characterized by the high-scoring results of their matches. On a closer note, the club’s scoring capabilities are purely impeccable, with goals that average for over 2.5 and perhaps, they might score another record-breaking victory against the struggling Sunderland.


Although Sunderland is the clear minnow in this match, they cannot be underestimated. They may be on sitting on the 18th spot. But certainly, the things that they have to endure in order to get of the rock bottom part of the table are worthy of one’s appreciation.


The Black Cats may be back at the relegation zone, but just like Crystal Palace, they are showing signs of surviving the season and survival reasons can be more dangerous than playing for a title.


Prediction: Liverpool

Image Source: Goal