Premier League Match Preview: Liverpool vs. Chelsea

Updated: April 21, 2014
Chelsea and Liverpool


Match Date: 27 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: Anfield


No matter how hard it is Chelsea must slowly learn to accept that its title bid has already ended. The disappointing defeat to the rock bottom Sunderland paved way for Liverpool to extend its lead to 5 points.


Technically speaking, Chelsea’s possibility of claiming the Premier League silverware remains high. However, its success will not only depend on its own strength, but also with the strength of other clubs, to be more specific, Crystal Palace and Newcastle United to trample Liverpool.


Assuming that Jose Mourinho and his men are able to subdue Liverpool in its upcoming match, this will cut down the latter’s lead to 2 points. Yet, the bigger question that should be addressed is whether Liverpool will lose to the above-mentioned clubs.


Crystal Palace may give Brendan Rodgers and his men a difficult time winning. The Eagles have been displaying a series of impressive performances, which was readily inspired by the stunning win against Chelsea. But during their previous encounter, the consistent online betting  favorite, Liverpool thrashed the Eagles with a 3-1 victory.


Likewise, the Reds might also have its taste of difficulties against Newcastle United. The latter forced them to a draw in their former battle. But this does not mean that they will immediately wave the white flag against them.


Just recently, Chelsea has successfully turned the odds into their favor when they won via the virtue of away goals against Paris Saint Germain. Unfortunately, the Premier League is not the Champions League. And clearly, while it is true that their title race is still not over, it seems that it is a far-flung shot as of the moment.


Prediction: Liverpool


Image Source: Zimbio