Premier League Match Preview: Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa

Updated: April 7, 2014
Crystal Palace and Aston Villa

Match Date: 12 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: Selhurst Park


With the win against Cardiff City, Crystal Palace just increased their possibility of surviving this season. The club has successfully veered away from the relegation zone after earning 3 crucial points. They are now tied with their upcoming opponent, Aston Villa.
The Eagles’ current form was a far-flung shot from what it was prior to Tony Pulis’ takeover. Under Ian Holloway, the squad was a mainstay in the dreaded zone. Early predictions of Crystal Palace’s fate focused on the possibility of its return to the Championship. However, this is no longer the case since Pulis’ entry.


But other than helping the Eagles soar, Pulis also helped the squad clinched a special award. Just recently, the League Manager’s Association gave the Performance of the Week Award to Crystal Palace. This was after a major upset that they had against the title and online betting favorite, Chelsea.


And it seemed that the odds, indeed, favor Pulis and his men.
Christian Benteke, Aston Villa’s renowned striker and scoring machine is ruled out for 6 months. The Belgian star has ruptured his Achilles tendon in a training and is scheduled for a surgery. As crass as it may sound, but such news is music to Crystal Palace’s side. Other than the home court advantage, Benteke’s absence means less worry. And with a renewed confidence, it seemed that nothing can step the Eagles from soaring greater heights.


Prediction: Crystal Palace


Image Source: Zimbio