Premier League Match Preview: Arsenal vs. Swansea

Updated: March 24, 2014
Arsenal and Swansea

Match Date: 25 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Emirates Stadium


There is no “bitter” way for Arsene Wenger to celebrate his 1 ,000 match with Arsenal than experiencing a massive defeat to its title rival, Chelsea. The latter already rub some salt into the Gunner’s wounded performance when Jose Mourinho called Wenger a “specialist in failure.” But it even got worse when the Blues stole the spotlight in a comfortable and easy breezy 6-0 victory.


The “almost champion,” this has been Arsenal’s reputation for quite some time. Initially, they will embark in a strong start. They will achieve a seemingly invincible stature only to find themselves losing all their leads and struggling in the title race. The club is caught in a decadent cycle of finishing in the 4th spot and being satisfied with qualifying and then exiting the Champions League. Many times, the Gunners have ceased to explode towards the end of the season—many times, Arsenal has forgotten to unleash their Arsenal of skills and tactics during the most important time of the season. And what currently happens to them seem to a be a tragic or farce like repetition of history.


Wenger took the blame for such dismal performance and he is also keen on redeeming themselves from the previous humiliation. After all, they are pegged as  sports betting favorite of their next match. In 12BET, they are deemed as winners at 2.08 while giving an Asian handicap of 1-1.5. Losing to Swansea is a disservice to their supporters, who have continued to show their loyalty despite the disappointments.


But Swansea—they are out of the title race, yet, they are also fighting for something, which can be seen as far more important and pressing than securing a silverware.


Seated at the 15th spot, the club is on the verge of losing their top-flight status. Wenger and his boys may be focused on healing their wounded egos, but Gary Monk and his squad are fighting for their dear life.


The clash against Everton added more misery in their present situation and no matter how difficulty it may look like, the Swans are willing to fight tooth and nail—willing to go through the extremes in order to come out as the victorious one in this match.


Prediction: Arsenal

Expect Arsenal to secure the upper hand in this match. But Swansea may also feature in the clash.



Image Source: Express