Premier League Match Preview: Arsenal vs. Newcastle United

Updated: April 21, 2014
Arsenal and Newcastle United

Match Date: 28 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: Emirates Stadium


It is easy to understand why the Magpies’ supporters want to fast track the season. The club just succumbed to its 5th consecutive defeat and as much as possible they want a total end to their nightmarish performance. But the nightmare has not yet stopped and it looks like, Arsenal, its upcoming opponent will cause them more pain and frustration.


It was not only the succeeding losses that slowly break Newcastle United’s heart. They have been experiencing scoring problems as well. During the course of their 5-match losing streak, the Magpies wereunable to score in all of them. Such scenario has prevented them from making a great leap in the table and therefore, securing a stronger finish.


Newcastle’s current situation, however, spells good news to the Gunners. The club has been struggling to keep its hold of the Champions League spot for quite some time. Bigger problems came to life as Everton continues to put on the pressure against them.


Arsenal’s 1-point lead is certainly, not enough to strengthen its grip on the possibility of making it big in the European competition. Everton can unleash a major comeback and once again, steal the spotlight from them. The latter simply waits for the right time before they unleash the attack. Thus, Arsenal should be careful.


Newcastle United may not be the top pick of sports betting sites. But this does not mean that they are weak. They might be surprised that the club drew some inspiration from their previous losses and is now planning to fulfill its redemption at their expense.


Prediction:  Arsenal


Image Source: Zimbio