Paris Saint Germain vs. Olympiakos Preview (Champions League): Olympiakos Threaten PSG In Champions League Run

Updated: November 20, 2013
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Paris Saint Germain continues to be the top pick of online bookies in their match against Olympiakos. But the club cannot be too confident as the Greek squad is keen on stealing their spotlight. 


Match Date: 27 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Parc des Princes


Team Form

Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain will have to wait for the final whistle before advancing to the next stage of the Champions League as the resilient Greeks of Olympiakos continue to threaten their dominance in the group stage.


PSG cannot afford to be complacent in their upcoming match. Their 3-point advantage can be easily wiped out should the odds turn in Olympiakos’ favor. Indeed, they have already thrashed their opponents, but they should not forget that Olympiakos has managed to pull off a score.


Instead of taking their opponents lightly, the club should always take the possibility of an inevitable revenge. They must also consider the fact that some of its key players, to be more specific, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani just had a hectic and tiring schedule ahead of the match. The squad is in dire need of having fresh legs to take their posts temporarily. Ibrahimovic and Cavani were out in the international arena to help their national squads advance in the World Cup.



Olympiakos refuse to wave the white flag easily against PSG. The upcoming match is their opportunity to advance in the tournament. They are just 3 points behind and a victory can make a significant impact into the club’s future.


Olympiakos’ performance is not that far from PSG. The club averages on 10 shots during away matches and PSG delivers 10. They perform better during aerial duels, but in terms of possession, it is the French outfit, which dominates.


One of the important things that Olympiakos need to improve is their passing success rate. They need to be more clinical in order to set up scoring opportunities and retain possession. Currently, possession is one of the scourges they have to endure and overcome should they want to gain the upper hand against Paris Saint Germain. Their current line-up shows almost the same depth as that of PSG, with the latter, getting the advantage mainly because of vast exposure in the tournament.


Football betting tip: Paris Saint Germain 2-1 Olympiakos

PSG has been successful in 12 of its last matches, It is less likely that they will falter in this match. However, they cannot expect an easy breezy encounter as Olympiakos are keen on making an upset.



Image Source: The Guardian