Lightning Bolt Strikes Olympic Men’s 100m Gold

Updated: August 6, 2012
Lightning Bolt Strikes Olympic Men’s 100m Gold

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LONDON – A slow start did not prevent Usain Bolt from retaining his gold medal in the final of the 100m athletics event at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Gaining his pace as quick as a lightning bolt, the Jamaican runner finished the race at 9.63 seconds. His biggest threat to the gold medal, compatriot Yohan Blake, came in second at 9.75 – his personal best. USA’s representative Justin Gaitlin followed in third place at 9.79.

Fears on Bolt’s relaxed start initially loomed but the fabled runner caught up soon enough to win and break his previous Olympic 100m record of 9.69.

Bolt expressed that he knew his form was in top shape during the heat, noting that his slow start in the final slightly worried him. He said that he avoided false starting to maintain his chance to win the gold.

With the newest gold medal pushing Bolt further to becoming a legend, he credits Blake for giving him the push to take on the Olympic challenge anew. He admitted that he initially lacked focus for the Olympics until his compatriot gave him a “wake-up call”.

Another challenge awaits Bolt at the 200m final athletics event – an opportunity for him to win his second gold at the 2012 London Olympics and set a new record time.

Seven out of eight participants in the event broke the 10-second mark. Only Asafa Powell, Bolt’s compatriot and rival, lagged out of the mark at 11.99 due to an injury that left him limping.

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Lightning Bolt Strikes Olympic Men’s 100m Gold

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