Norwich City vs. Crystal Palace Preview (Week 13): Tony Pulis, Confident In Saving Crystal Palace

Updated: November 26, 2013
Crystal Palace - Tony Pulis

Newly appointed Crystal Palace manager, Tony Pulis is confident that he can save the Eagles from the relegation zone. Though online betting sites pick Norwich as the heavy favorite, the latter’s deteriorating form suggests that they shall encounter a hard-fought victory.


Match Date: 30 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Carrow Road


Team Form

Norwich City

Just when Chris Houghton’s camp thought that they have already recovered from Manchester City’s 7-0 thrashing, the club suffered another disappointing defeat.


After receiving a demolition from Manchester City, the Canaries were able to redeem themselves when they won against West Ham United. Unfortunately, the success was short-lived. The club surrendered and waved their white flag when they visited Newcastle United. This resulted to a daunting slip in the table, which left many of its supporters frustrated. The Canaries are now occupying the 16th spot and they can be eliminated any given moment.


Just recently, the club announced their improving financial stability. The management added that outstanding debts and arrears are now part of their history. Given the fact that they have already “eliminated” one of the scourges, which plague tons of squads across Europe, much is expected from Norwich. However, a statement emphasizing the total disregard for the dream to dominate the whole Europe tend creates a bigger impact to the squad than having a key player sidelined for a season.


While it is true that this has nothing to do with the club’s performance against Newcastle United, it cannot be denied that somehow, such perspective puts out the fire and the willingness of Norwich members to have that extra push. Why exert effort for goals that are short of being extraordinary? Why aspire for a vision that is limited within the Premier League?


Norwich has already lost 4 out of its last 6 matches. In addition, their current stream of matches saw scores, which are more than 2.5 goals. And in majority of those encounters, they were the ones throwing the white towel.


Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace’s hope remains alive with the arrival of their new manager, Tony Pulis.


Following a narrow win against Hull, the Eagles are keen on securing another victory. Their dilemmas reached their summit when Ian Holloway left their camp under mutual consent from the management. Without a manager, the club was lost and craved for direction.


Fortunately, a sudden turn of events seems to improve Crystal Palace’s form and hopefully survive this season. First, they clinched their 2nd win and finally, they have Pulis to manage them.
Due to their victory, the Eagles left the rock bottom part of the relegation zone. Their rank improved, but they are still, in danger of being kicked out of the Premier League. However, with Pulis’ optimism, it is highly possible for the club to stay alive.


Pulis managed Stoke Citys and it was through his efforts that the club were able to return in the top-flight league. Stoke have been out of the limelight for more than 2 decade until Pulis took charge. In 2011, the Eagles’ new head honcho was a prominent figure in the FA Cup final. Indeed, Pulis has a resume to boast. Perhaps Crystal Palace can still make it and even climb a notch higher. However, the bigger question is do they still have the time?


Football betting tipNorwich City 2-1 Crystal Palace

One can look forward to a close and exciting match. Norwich have the better form. Yet, in their last 6 encounters against Crystal Palace, it was the latter which got the upper hand.





Image Source: The Sideline Agenda