NBA Finals Preview: Why the Spurs Will Take Game 1

Updated: June 7, 2013
San Antonio Spurs VS Miami Heat


It’s still too early to tell who will take the NBA title this year, considering the caliber of both the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. For now, we’ll hand Game 1 to the Spurs.


And it’s not only because the Heat only had four days to prepare, whereas the Spurs had seven.


Kawhi Leonard’s strength and speed may not be enough against LeBron James, but the rest of the Spurs might be able to keep their counterparts in check. For instance, Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter are arguably superior in terms of size and skill compared to Chris Andersen and Udonis Haslem. Meanwhile, Mario Chalmers will have to watch his back against the more experienced Tony Parker. And Dwyane Wade’s injured knee could prove problematic for the Heat.


Miami also has to work on the consistency of their performances (or rather, the lack of it), as evidenced by the fact that it took them seven games to bring down the Indiana Pacers. In contrast, San Antonio wiped the Western Conference floor with the Memphis Grizzlies after only four games.


Overall, the Spurs have the strongest lineup they’ve ever had since 2007. If they can get around the Heat’s formidable offense, they might be able to dethrone James et al.


Or not.


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Photo Credit : Yahoo! Sports