Napoli Still Strong Even Without Cavani

Updated: August 22, 2013


Match date: 25 August 2013

Venue: Stadio San Paolo


Napoli remains a team to beat in Serie A. Edinson Cavani left. But the club found a perfect replacement right from the ranks of Real Madrid, Gonzalo Higuain. This explains why sports betting sites, still pick the club as heavy favorites in the match against Bologna.


Partenopei quickly reacted when Cavani announced his exit to join Paris Saint Germain. Aurelio de Laurentiis immediately took charge to secure Higuain’s signature, beating Arsenal in the bid—and indeed, it was a worthy trade. The club has higher ambitions other than beating the Rossoblù. There is the Champions League and of course, to overcome Juve in the rankings.


Higuain boasts an impressive resume that brings more depth to the club. To note, the striker has just scored its 700th Champions League goal in 2010. Despite the injuries, he made a great comeback to Real Madrid and just last season, he scored his 100th La Liga goal and there is no doubt that he can keep up or even outlast the goals that Cavani scored.
But it is not just about Higuain’s ability that makes Napoli a powerful force to reckon with. Partenopei learned its lesson well. They cannot just rely on a lone striker, just like what happened in the Cavani era.
As a result, the club plans to acquire, Porto’s striker, Jackson Martinez. To keep up with their defence, Raúl Albiol and José Callejón—from Real Madrid, are joining the squad. Dries Martens of PSV Eindhoven shall be wearing the Napoli jersey soon.


Napoli’s recent signings manifested a major overhaul in the team. But more than that, it articulates the club’s vision to intensify their current campaign.



Photo Credit:  Zimbio/ Paolo Bruno