Nantes vs. Reims Preview: How Far Can Nantes Take Their Home Court Advantage?

Updated: January 21, 2014

It is just a matter of goal difference, which separates Nantes and Reims. Reims have the better form while Nantes have the home court advantage. Expect the Canaries to exploit their edge at home, but do not disregard Reims’ strong rally, which presents the possibility of creating a major upset. 


Match Date: 25 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: La Beaujoire-Louis-Fonteneau
Team Form


Nantes just came off from a severe demolition job from Paris Saint Germain. The latter did not only keep them at bay, but also thrashed them with five (5) goals—not even the likes of Filip Djordjevic and Papy Djilobodji were able to snatch a single goal.

However, the Canaries were still lucky. Despite the loss, the club was able to secure a safe spot in the table’s top ten (10). Currently, they are thriving on the 6th spot.

Nantes’ resilience can be attributed to their strong form. They won three (3) of their last six (6) matches.

But there is something that Nantes should work on and this is how they perform against strong clubs. It can be observed that they are having troubles scoring against equally aggressive opponents. They were scoreless during the St. Etienne match and just recently, against Paris Saint Germain. Likewise, they have only managed to score one goal against Toulouse. They were also defeated in the said match.

Due to their PSG loss, Nantes failed to capitalize on the opportunity to increase its lead. They are currently tied with Reims as they have thirty-two (32) points each.


Similar to Nantes, Reims also endured a disappointing loss when they met Lyon. But it was not that bad compared to what Nantes had to experience. Indeed, they lose the match, yet, they were able to keep Lyon’s goal to two (2).

In this particular match, Reims present a serious threat to Nantes. Technically speaking, they have a better form to brag. They have only lost once during their last 6 matches. Their away form is also in good shape. To note, Reims have been successful in nine (9) out of their ten (10) matches. In addition, the only thing that separates them and Nantes is the latter’s goal difference, which they (Reims) can easily addressed if they take advantage of the scoring opportunities that lie ahead of them.

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It is highly possible for Nantes to use their home court advantage to turn things into their favor. But they cannot expect an easy win as Reims are determined to force a down the wire match.



Image Source: Allomatch