Match Previews: Spanish La Liga (October 6)

Updated: October 2, 2013

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Atletico Madrid vs. Celta de Vigo

Since opening day, Atletico Madrid have never gone beyond the top three. The side remain undefeated, with their biggest win achieved in the curtain raiser (against Rayo 5-0). Los Colchoneros’ dominance on a turf court extends to continental tournaments, as seen in their successful stints in the Super Cup and Champions League. Anchored on a perfect streak and just a minor injury problem, Diego Simeone’s troupe are gearing toward a very strong La Liga finish.


Celta de Vigo’s current ranking at number 15 is their third time this season to snub the top 10. Thus far, the side have only won once in their seven matches. The rest of their tourneys were equally divided between draws and defeats. Os Célticos should reformat an old tactic as winning the combats is gradually becoming a difficult task.


Online betting tip: Atletico Madrid are on their way to attain their eighth win this season. Sorry for Celta, but Los Colchoneros are not yet ready to tarnish their clean form.


Sevilla vs. Almeria

Sevilla have a great deal of players sidelined, which adds to their burden of upgrading their seemingly sluggish form. For two consecutive occasions, the side bumped into the relegation zone. These were due largely to the players’ dismal performances in their bouts with Barcelona and Valencia. But thanks to a vital 4-1 home win over Rayo and a reasonable 1-1 draw with Real Sociedad, the Sevillistas picked themselves up and veered away from the feared cluster.


Newly promoted Almeria are having a difficult season. Although they were able to score in most of their matches, the squad are yet to secure a victory. They started their campaign rather unwell, finishing their brawl with Villarreal in a 2-3 home defeat. The downfall was repeated in three more occasions, suffering assaults from powerhouses like Atletico Madrid, Malaga, and Barcelona. Almeria were able to seize draws in three other matches, though.


Online betting tip: Both Sevilla and Almeria have yet to produce really rousing performances to acquire substantial, positive attention. In this round, however, the Seville-based club may just seize their second win this season.



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Getafe vs. Real Betis

Their last two successful matches enabled Getafe to lift themselves up from the lower mid-table and jolt into the top 10. The victories they attained from Celta 2-0 and Espanyol 2-0 were more than enough to make up for the side’s awful season debut. Nevertheless, Azulones still need to be cautious of their form. Especially now that two of their players are unavailable, the side have to wrap up an effective plan right immediately in order to sustain their momentum.


Real Betis will possibly miss Castro, Carlos, Rodriguez, and Vilarchao in their visit to the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez in Madrid. A side with plenty of things to prove, Béticos need their players beef up a little more robust. The side have more defeats to be ashamed of than wins to be pleased about, although they are not necessarily among the least impressive clubs in the league this season. The side have so far scored seven goals in the tournament, which is also the same number of the goals they have conceded to their opponents.


Football betting tip: Getafe and Real Betis are both tried with a string of pitch challenges. In this round, spectators should expect exchange of drills that will put the troupes in almost equal caliber. By the end of the tourney, a 1-1 draw will ink both sides’ score sheets.


Athletic Bilbao vs. Valencia

Athletic Bilbao and Valencia have a crucible of both pleasing wins and underwhelming defeats. The current fifth and sixth placers (correspondingly) have already won the La Liga trophy before, and turning up this season with a well-defined mix of results means that re-attaining their success will not be very easy.


Athletic Bilbao started their campaign with two back-to-back opening successes, which helped them land in the top six for two weeks. These were followed by two more victories in their fourth and sixth matches, but were also blemished by three non-consecutive defeats they incurred from Real Madrid, Espanyol, and most recently, Granada.


Valencia had their least spectacular performance in the tournament’s fourth week, where they landed in the table 16th spot after acquiring their third consecutive defeat in the season. In their last three matches, however, the side successfully redeemed themselves, repeating their victory in the curtain raiser, and skyrocketing into the league table’s top 10.


Football betting tip: This bout will definitely require Athletic Bilbao and Valencia to put their best foot forward. For sure, this match will finish in a very tight encounter and a stalemate by the match’s conclusion is highly probable.