Match Previews: Spanish La Liga (October 5)

Updated: October 2, 2013

Elche vs. Espanyol


Elche’s dramatic return to the Spanish top-flight league (after 24 years!) marked one of the club’s most important feats in recent memory. The side finished last season’s second-level football atop the table, thus giving them automatic entry to La Liga. However, the sojourn to Spain’s most anticipated tournament has been a tough one for Los Franjiverdes. Defeating their opponents was a tall order and that they were generally unsuccessful at making any good runs. Thus far, the side have already incurred three defeats (including their curtain raiser) and three draws—all caused them to swing back and forth to the relegation zone. Lucky for Fran Escribá’s men, they scored a win—their first for this season—in their most recent match: a combat against Celta de Vigo. This calls for a celebration for the club, hinting new hope that silver linings are just around.


Espanyol’s first five appearances in the Spanish top-tier league have generally been good to magnificent. A deadlock in their season opener was aptly followed by a massive 3-1 win over Valencia. Their next match saw them drawing with Real Betis, while their fourth and fifth matches rendered them successful (defeating both Granada and Athletic Bilbao). However, the Periquitos’ two most recent tourneys were utter dismays. Their first loss this season was incurred from a clash with Villarreal 1-2, followed by another upset from their combat against Getafe 0-2. Nevertheless, Javier Aguirre’s men are still in shape to bring down future nemeses. They are currently ranked in the table’s top 7, which is indicative of the troupe’s paramount relevance in La Liga.


Football betting tip: In this round, Espanyol got the upper hand to lord their opponents over. Elche are definitely a determined pack of warriors, but Espanyol have the more powerful tools, tactics, and talents to champion this tourney.


Rayo Vallecano vs. Real Sociedad


After raking the second highest spot in the opening, Rayo Vallecano have since steeply dwindled in the rankings. The massive 3-0 win over Elche in their curtain raiser was no more than a debut luck as they have suffered tremendously in their subsequent combats. A dreadful 0-5 loss was incurred in their second match, a result they would later repeat in their fourth match. The rest of their tourneys saw them robbed by their opponents with one to four goals. In total, Rayo have already conceded 21 goals, which is this season’s biggest damage so far. Because of this, the side were unavoidably buried in the league table’s bottom.


Currently seated in the mid-table, Real Sociedad are yet to deliver a second win this season. A 2-0 debut victory gave the side an early top four standing, but have since gone flat after failing to clinch wins in their subsequent tourneys. Most of those follow-up stints finished in draws, although they were also defeated twice. Compared to last season, Real Sociedad’s statuses from their first seven matches this term were a bit of an improvement. There is still a room for more progress, though, and Rayo should capitalize on this opportunity to seize even higher rankings.


Football betting tip: Apparently, this match sees Real Sociedad as the dominant side. Inferences on Rayo Vallecano losing is a big possibility, especially that their form is much less appealing than their opponents’.


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