Match Previews: Serie A (Week 9)

Updated: October 22, 2013
German Denis


Inter Milan and Hellas Verona will try to outlast each other in a bid for a higher spot in Serie A. Who is the real dark horse this season? Is it the more prominent Inter Milan or the newly promoted Hellas Verona?


On the other hand, euphoria continues to linger in Sampdoria’s camp. For the first time, the club has clinched their first victory and they are looking forward to adding more victories under their belt.


Sampdoria vs. Atalanta Match Preview


Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Comunale Luigi


Team Form


Sampdoria will try to keep their winning spirits alive as they face one of Serie A’s top performers, Atalanta.


All that Sampdoria needed to snatched the victory against Livorno was to convert their penalties. Their first goal came from Eder on the 19th.  However, after a late rally, Livorno’s Luca Siligardi was able to pull-off an equalizer. With the match result almost ending in a draw, Nicola Pozzi found his way on the penalty line and the accurate shot delivered the club’s first ever win.


The above-mentioned triumph was crucial for Sampdoria. They have been spending some time in the relegation zone, if not for the draws, which kept their scores at par with those who are struggling under the bottom pit.


Accumulating a total of 6 points, Sampdoria moved out of the danger zone with the hopes that they can survive the remaining months of the 2013 season.



There seems to be no stopping Atalanta’s winning streak. Just recently, the club secured its 3rd consecutive win, which catapulted them to the 7th spot of Serie A.
Despite Luca Cigarini’s attempt to maintain the lead for La Dea, Lazio’s Brayan Perea immediately answered back with an equalizer that almost ended the match in a hard-fought draw. However, German Denis pulled off Atalanta’s lead when he scored a late seemingly late goal during the 84th.


Although Atalanta’s odds of winning almost disappeared the goal scoring opportunities that it made, coupled with their impressive counter-attacks helped them gain the upper hand in the match.


Pitted against Sampdoria, La Dea remains alert and wary that their opponents can unexpectedly steal the spotlight from them.


Football betting tip: Sampdoria 0-2 Atalanta

Considering the team form of each club, there is no doubt that Atalanta’s winning streak cannot be stopped anytime soon. Sitting on the 7th spot of the league, Atalanta has been a consistent force on the pitch that can trample on any club.




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Inter vs. Verona Match Preview


Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Giuseppe


Team Form


Walter Mazzarri has all the reasons to be disappointed with the draw result against Torino. The club has the lead and in a match where scoring 3 points automatically gives the permission to have an early celebration, Torino stunned Mazzarri and his men when the former made a late comeback.


The result of Inter Milan’s most recent match reflects the kind of defence that the club has. Or maybe it was not really the defence that went wrong. Maybe it was the overconfidence and the assumption that it is hard to catch up with a 3-point lead.


But apart from the unexpected spoils, perhaps what really bothered Mazzarri was the fact that they could have improve their rank in Serie A. If they won, it becomes easier for them to equalize with Roma, Juventus and Napoli. Who knows, they can even land a spot in the Champions League. And most importantly, a victory will lessen the pressure against the equally aggressive Hellas Verona.


All of the above-mentioned scenarios that work towards their favor could have been achieved, only if the draw has been avoided. They are the so-called “dark horse” of the league and Mazzarri is more than willing to take that role. Mazzarri is more than willing to send spoils and upsets down in the pitch. Against Verona, the club has another opportunity. However, the club knows that will never be an easy feat.




Indeed, there is truth to Andrea Mandorlini’s statement—that the Gialloblu are already reaping the fruits of their labor. Just recently, the club ended Parma’s winning streak and left them climbing on the 4th spot of Serie A.


It was a hard-fought win, there was no doubt about it. A considerable amount of time was needed before Fabrizio Cacciatore’s first goal was replicated. And Parma took the opportunity to take the lead. Nevertheless, it was the club’s impressive penalty conversion rate that helped them make it through.




Despite the rough road that they had to surpass, somehow, this has prepared the club for their battle against Inter Milan. Although they are one of the newly promoted outfits to make it in Italy’s top-flight league, Mandorlini’s men has adapted and adjusted well in the tournament. To note, it currently occupies Serie A’s 4th spot—just a point ahead of Inter Milan. Could it be that instead of Inter Milan, they are the real dark horse of the competition? Mandorlini can only answer this once the boys have started playing in the pitch. As for now, one thing is clear, the future of Hellas Verona definitely looks bright and promising.



Football betting tip: Inter 1-2 Verona

Verona has only won once against Inter Milan. Under this context, it is easy to say that the latter has more edge. Yet, with the way Mandorlini and his men are showing their stunts on the pitch, there is a possibility for the Gialloblu to change the course of history.




Image Source: Zimbio