Match Previews: Serie A (Week 9)

Updated: October 23, 2013

With their survival for the next season at stake, expect Bologna, Livorno, Catania and Sassuolo to fight tooth and nail in order to remain in Serie A.


Bologna vs. Livorno Match Preview


Match Date: 27 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Renato Dall’Ara


Team Form


The Rossublu is in dire crisis and Stefano Pioli needs to have a quick fix. From finishing on the 13th spot last season, the club has not won a single match and thrives only through draws. Whether they can still make it to Serie A next season, remains a question that is yet to be answered. They have already lost 5 out of its last 8 matches. The remaining 3 ended in a draw.


Currently, they have been a favored opponent of clubs dying to add extra points on the scoreboard.


But it is not only their scoring abilities that are being questioned. The bigger issue is whether they have enough men and reinforcements on the pitch. The encounter against Sassuolo witnessed the absence of their key players, thus, even though they have managed to pull off a goal, they still lost in the end.



Livorno requires some manning up on the pitch if they want to avoid the relegation category. The Sampdoria encounter gave the club an opportunity to move higher into the Serie A ranks. Unfortunately, Davide Nicola and his men failed to capitalize on such winning chance.


Realistically speaking, Livorno is still far from the dreaded zone. However, they need to collect more victories soon as many of its opponents have already moved upward in the table. While it is true that they started strong this season, their early victories will not secure their spot in Italy’s top-flight league. The club begs for consistency. Otherwise, they are in danger of turning their campaign into an unimaginable nightmare.


Football betting tip: Bologna 0-1 Livorno

There is no doubt that Livorno will own this match. However, the possibility that Bologna will score, cannot be totally discarded.




Image Source: Repubblica



Catania vs. Sassuolo Match Preview


Match Date: 27 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Angelo Massimino


Team Form


Preparations and adjustments may not easily work in Catania’s favor. Following the loss against Cagliari, Luigi De Canio took Rolando Maran’s post.


Maran formerly handled Genoa until he was sacked on October last year. Nevertheless, the 56-year old manager is confident that his experience is essential to the club’s improvements. However, the truth to such statement is yet to be proven. Vows of improvements and better performance are fast becoming a mainstream spiel on national television and unless, these promises have already materialized, the statement remains rhetorical.




De Canio and his men will have to go through some adjustment period. Each party must understand the expectations of one another and how they will work together to achieve a common goal. This sounds easier said than done. It is no secret that blending begs for time. And so is creating a strategy that works. Given De Caino’s abrupt entry, somehow the idea of catapulting Catania’s rank in an instant is a far-fetched ambition to pursue. But it will come to life. It will materialize—only in due time.



After securing their first win this season, the newly promoted Sassuolo’s main man, Eusebio De Francesco expressed that the victory showed how the club has “learned from their mistakes.” It is because of this success that the club becomes more motivated and is fueled by the passion to secure another victory.


Although the club remains in the relegation zone, a spark of hope can be seen from Sassuolo’s camp. The 7 losses is never a pleasant sight. However, the previous victory can be replicated and this could be the moment that Sassuolo has been waiting for.


Football betting tip: Catania 1-0 Sassuolo

Expect the battle at the relegation zone to be a tight and exciting match. Both clubs will try to outlast each other with the intention of moving higher into the Serie A table. There is a possibility of ending in a draw. However, there is a higher probability that Catania to end triumphantly.




Image Source: Blog Sicilia