Match Previews: Serie A (Week 9)

Updated: October 22, 2013

Napoli and Juventus just suffered their biggest upsets last week and they still had Champions League matters to. Amidst the intense matches going on in Serie A, will these two still have the stamina to catch up in their fast-paced domestic league?


Napoli vs. Torino Match Preview


Match Date: 27 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio San Paolo


Team Form


Napoli, with all their power and might had their first taste of defeat against the hands of Roma. The latter kept them at bay and did not allow a single goal to enter the net. Indeed, it was a down the wire match. Nevertheless, the Partenopei has nothing to be ashamed as they were pitted against a club, which, like them boasts a high pedigree of skills and tactics on the pitch. Moreover, Rafael Benitez has other major concerns to attend. One of these is the Champions League match against the French outfit, Olympique de Marseille.


Napoli’s loss and participation, if not thoroughly addressed may impact their upcoming match against Torino. The fatigue factor, short preparation time and the injury of defender Miguel Britos can have an indirect effect to the club.


Benitez cannot belittle Torino—not when the latter has managed to force a draw against the mighty Inter Milan. Although it is less likely for them to lose, the possibility of ending in a draw remains prevalent.



Torino made one of the biggest upsets in Serie A last week. Against Inter Milan, the club ‘s late rally, not to mention the perfectly timed goal of Nicola Bellomo forced the match to end in a draw.


The above-mentioned feat landed the squad on the 10th spot and of course, generated plaudits from spectators and experts alike. The bigger question that they have to face is whether they still have the power to upset Napoli or at least, help them settle with a draw.


Football betting tip: Napoli 2-0 Torino

Although the battle happens between the 2nd and 10th best clubs in Serie A, this is not devoid of excitement. Moreover, one cannot immediately conclude that this will be Napoli’s match, though, this is very possible. However, in as much as Napoli elicits the higher possibility of owning the game, there is also the likelihood of Torino pulling off another great upset.




Image Source: Investireoggi Forum


Juventus vs. Genoa Match Preview


Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Juventus Stadium


Team Form


Juventus had a tough week ahead of them prior to meeting Genoa. Recently, fierce rivals, Fiorentina let them have their first taste of defeat this season. Amidst the injuries that the latter confront, a new hero named as Giuseppe Rossi, scored a hat-trick and rise up to the occasion.


The match was undeniably disappointing as Antonio Conte’s squad has only managed to score 2 goals—a penalty from Carlos Tevez and Paul Pogba. These two took the early lead only to be outlasted by their opponent’s consecutive goals. Their defence wall was broken and the rest was as they say, history.




Moving on with the Juventus defeat, the Biaconeris will still need to face the relentless Real Madrid for their Champions League campaign. Expect the match to exhaust the best from Juve.


Given the severe beating that they had to endure, Juve can only hope for more strength when they face Genoa.



If Rossi was Fiorentina’s hero, for Chievo, it was Alberto Gilardino. The player scored the squad’s first and last goals, which, eventually salvaged them from the relegation zone. As for Chievo’s part, Simone Bentivoglio was the only player who scored for the club.


Genoa’s victory can be a good way to prepare for the match against Juve. The former will most likely capitalize on their opponent’s exhausted state to turn the odds into their favor.


Football betting tip: Juventus 2-0 Genoa

Genoa may brag their fresh legs, but it does not erase the fact that Juventus is still, the former league champions and with their caliber, it is impossible for them to throw in the white towel.




Image Source: Forza Italian Football