Match Previews: Real Sociedad vs. Malaga, Evian vs. Montpellier, Genoa vs. Livorno

Updated: September 20, 2013

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La Liga: Real Sociedad vs. Malaga


La Liga contenders Real Sociedad and Malaga are set to make their first duel this season on September 20. The match will be held at the Estadio Municipal de Anoeta in San Sebastian, the former’s home court.


As with his previous initiatives, coach Jagoba Arrasate might rotate his squad for an nth time in this round. The Real Sociedad boss is still experimenting on which arrangement his men will play the best as his earlier attempts so far been fairly successful. Txuri-urdin have only managed to score one win (in their curtain raiser against Getafe 2-0) and have since been unable to barge into the limelight.


Malaga’s form is moderately enough to entice a bulky number of people to support them. They opened they campaign rather disappointingly, failing to deliver even just an equalizer to Valencia’s opener. As if the downfall is not yet painful, Los Boquerones carried out another defeat in their match against perennial champions, Barcelona. A silver lining was later obtain in their third appearance, when they fought against Sevilla and have drawn with them 2-2 by the end of the competition. Bernd Schuster’s men achieved their first win in the tournament in their most recent battle. The players easily dominated the tourney with five goals to crown their record against Levante’s zero inning.


Football betting tip: Based on how their form seems to be progressing, Malaga will finish this fight victorious; albeit, in a very difficult way.


Ligue 1: Evian TG vs. Montpellier


Current Ligue 1 mid-table occupants, Evian TG and Montpellier, will launch a duel on September 21 at the Parc des Sports stadium in Annecy.


While they debuted in the season with a passable 1-1 draw with Sochaux, Evian TG cannot make any excuses with their dismaying defeats in their second and third appearances in the French top-level league. Both Marseille and Rennes were able to steal two goals from Pascal Dupraz’s squad, leaving the underdogs without any choice but to leave the pitch heartbroken. However, the side redeemed themselves in their two most recent matches. Kevin Berigaud stepped up his game, netting two goals in both their tourneys against Lyon and Ajaccio. The matches concluded in 2-1 and 3-2 finishes, respectively.


Montpellier have so far only been able to score one win, incurred one defeat, and forced three draws. While their form is neither impressive nor depressing, it nevertheless remains to be an important indicator of the side’s possible status in the future. Jean Fernandez’s men have slightly improved this season when their first five performances last term are taken into account. They finished the tournament at number nine, and with their current form showing little progress, they may be able to go past their previous ranking.


Football betting tip: Evian TG and Montpellier will find it terribly difficult to dominate one another. A stalemate is expected to be obtained at the match’s conclusion.


Serie A: Genoa vs. Livorno


Their last few Serie A matches gave Genoa and Livorno an almost equal caliber. Four of their six most recent matches were draws, while the remaining two were wins equally divided between the sides. In this upcoming battle (Septemebr 21) between the rivals, will a new winner emerge in the pitch?


Current rankings place newly promoted Livorno at number six while Serie A returnees Genoa are placed at number 14. The former have already scored six goals from three matches while the latter have obtained five innings from the same number of tourneys.


Amaranto’s season opener may have disappointed their fans (suffered a 0-2 defeat from Roma) to some degree, but it actually served as the team’s motivation to succeed in their subsequent matches. In fact, their second and third stints have been massive successes, thrashing Sassuolo in 4-1 finish and slamming Catania in a 2-0 final score.


Rossoblu, meanwhile, have already incurred two defeats in the competition. Their curtain raiser saw them leaving the pitch empty handed after Inter successfully protected their goal area. In their second stint, Genoa were pounded by a three-goal lead by Fiorentina, with the match concluding in a 5-2 tally. Their third match, however, gave them a good leverage to recover. They successfully defeated Sampdoria in a 3-0 assault.


Football betting tip: Livorno will bring home the bacon with a narrow 2-1 victory over Genoa.