Match Previews: Ligue 1 (Week 12)

Updated: October 29, 2013

Once again, Hubert Fournier’s antics and wit shall be tested as his squad faces the inspired and aggressive Bastia. As for OGC Nice, the club shall use the match against Bordeaux as an opportunity to gain more points and secure a higher rank. 


Stade de Reims vs. Bastia Preview


Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade Auguste Delaune II


Team Form


Stade de Reims

Hubert Fournier’s efforts paid off as Stade de Reims beat Marseille in an exciting and thriller match.


Taking off from the blunders of their previous matches, Fournier and his squad wanted to avoid the same fate during their visit to Marseille. Fournier extended extra time in analyzing their opponents’ move during their encounter against Napoli and true enough, Stade de Reims snatched the victory several minutes before the final whistle.


The triumph was the club’s 3rd. After suffering from a series of draws and a loss, Stade de Reims’ most recent win catapulted them to the 10th spot. This is despite the absence of Antoine Conte and Antoine Devaux.


Pitted against Bastia, expect Stade de Reims to capitalize on goal scoring opportunities. They did well on the flanks and set-pieces and they will most likely work on these areas during their upcoming match.




After a beating from Paris Saint Germain, Bastia redeemed themselves and secured a narrow win against Nice.
Keen on avoiding the relegation zone and determined to gain a higher rank in Ligue 1, Bastia grabbed a 1-0 victory over Nice. All it took was a single shot from Sebastien Squaillaci and the rest was history. Nice tried to score an equalizer and even steal the spotlight, but a poor finish (wasted) all their efforts.


Despite having more wins than Stade de Reims, Bastia trails the latter when it comes to the overall ranking. Bastia’s waterloo can be traced to their goal difference, which was probably the result of their last 2 losses.


Football betting tip: Stade de Reims 2-1 Bastia

Bastia outnumbers Stade de Reims during their last 6 encounters. Nevertheless, if team form and performance are to be used as bases, evidently, the upper hand goes to Stade de Reims. The latter has never lost in 9 of its last 10 matches whereas Bastia has been having problems with their away matches. As a matter of fact, 6 of their last away matches have ended in their opponents’ favor.




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Nice vs. Bordeaux Preview


Match Date: 03 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Allianz Riviera


Team Form


A frustrating defeat to Bastia will motivate OGC Nice to secure a victory against Bordeaux in their own soil.


After failing to equalize or better yet, clinch a victory, OGC Nice will attempt to snatch added points under its belt. They could have moved a notch higher, if not for their recent loss. And while it is true that they are far from being relegated, the club cannot simply afford to miss the opportunity to improve their rank. To note, OGC Nice occupies the 9th spot of Ligue 1 with 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses.




Although Bordeaux has never lost in 6 of their most recent matches, this was barely enough to leapfrog into a higher rank. One of the reasons behind this seemingly slow movement in the table is that majority of the last 6 matches ended in a draw. What they need is a victory (just like what happened during the Montpellier match) to ensure their rank improvement.


Bordeaux occupies the 13th spot of the table. They have only won and lost thrice. What is noticeable is that they seem to have a penchant for draws. Five (5) of their last 11 matches ended in a stalemate and evidently, these are barely enough to outlast other equally strong and aggressive clubs.


Football betting tip: Nice 2-1 Bordeaux

Nice exhibits a strong form and performance when playing in their won soul. As a matter of fact, they have kept a clean sheet during their last 3 home matches. On the other hand, Bordeaux is less likely to wave the white flag easily. However, given their current team form, there is aslim possibility for them to steal the spotlight. Again, the best outcome that they can possibly end up with is a draw.



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