Match Previews: La Liga (Week 12)

Updated: October 31, 2013

Receiving a severe beating from Real Madrid and Barcelona, Sevilla and Celta Vigo will try to have their taste of revenge when they go against each other. Getafe, on the other hand, will not waste the opportunity of being one of La Liga’s top 5 when they go against Valencia.



Sevilla FC vs. Celta Vigo Preview


Match Date: 2 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan


Team Form


Jose Maria del Nido’s expectation of a “great show” materialized. But this was at their expense as Real Madrid’s holy trinity (Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema) thrashed them with 7 staggering goals.


The strong willed Sevilla easily bowed down to Real Madrid in their recently concluded encounter. As a result, the club has to settle with a W3-D4-L4 team form. While it is true that sitting on the 10th spot keeps them safe, their glaring inconsistency cannot be easily dismissed. The squad has been observing a d win-draw pattern during their matches prior to losing to Real Madrid.


Once again, they have the chance to move higher in the ranking. However, this requires a more consistent Sevilla.


Celta Vigo

After keeping a clean sheet and slapping Malaga with 5 big goals, Celta Vigo found their (demise) at Barcelona’s hands and leaving them with a W2-D3-L6 record.


The Celts are just a notch above the relegation zone. Their scoring troubles are evident as majority of their losses saw them failed in converting a single goal. The big win against Malaga sparked a little bit of hope for the struggling club. Yet, this was immediately destroyed when Barcelona continued with their winning streak.


Celta Vigo are still safe from the relegation zone. But by any means necessary, a win over Sevilla is readily compelled. The clubs from the bottom part of the league have been showing some improvements. Almeria just won and Rayo Vallecano are on the verge of redeeming themselves. Should these clubs have a piece of their most coveted victories, Celta Vigo might have a hard time recovering and surviving this season.


Football betting tip: Sevilla 2-1 Celta Vigo

Sevilla’s last 3 home matches resulted in a victory. The club will definitely take this opportunity to salvage themselves from the humiliation of Real Madrid’s 7-3 victory.





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Getafe vs. Valencia Preview


Match Date: 03 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Coliseum Alfonso Perez


Team Form


There is no doubt that Getafe is one of the strongest contenders this season. This is despite enduring a defeat from Athletic Bilbao. Regardless of their match’s outcome against Villareal, the club remains as the heavy favorite during their Valencia encounter.


As of this writing, Getafe sports a spectacular record of W5-D1-L4. Again, this is still subject to change as the Villareal battle is still waiting for a result.




To date, the defeat against Athletic Bilbao ended the club’s 3 successive wins. The match against the equally aggressive and determined Villareal will test Getafe’s strength and Valencia can use the fatigue factor to their advantage. However, given that the dilemma that Valencia faces after a shocking defeat to Almeria, Getafe gains a weapon that can break Valencia’s will to win.



Unfortunately, Valencia, they just suffered their 3rd consecutive defeat under the hands of La Liga’s lowest ranked club, Almeria.


Los Che’s strength in the Europa League proved to be no match against Almeria. Almeria, the newly promoted club just got its first taste of victory this season at their expense. The victory was far from luck. Valencia conceded 2 goals and as Miroslav Djukic pointed out, they looked like a “sinking team.”


The match’s importance goes beyond feeding the club’s ego. The win could have catapulted them into the league’s top 10, which is a safer ground for any squad, which wants to avoid the relegation zone. But it was the opposite that happened. And perhaps, what is even harder to swallow is the fact that they have been performing well in the Europa League. Just recently, they thrashed St. Gallen with 5 solid points, only to suffer almost the same fate when they went against Villareal. The latter scored 4 goals.
Currently, Valencia needs to man up in the pitch. Villareal’s thrashing and the loss to Almeria do not guarantee that their W4-D1-L6 record shall help them enter the next season.



Football betting tip: Getafe 3-1 Valencia

Djukic admitted that they are yet to find the right “key” to their offensive and defensive attack. Should they want to win against Getafe, that key must be found soon. However, with time running out against them, the encounter will most likely favor Getafe’s side.



Image Source: Sports. ES