Match Previews: French Ligue 1 (Week 7)

Updated: September 24, 2013

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Ligue 1’s pristine pitch spectacles are only matched (or surpassed) by a few of the world’s best leagues. With the tournament’s seventh week already firing up ignition, fans all over the world will surely embark on a football marathon to see their favorite clubs smash equally aggressive opponents. Here are some match previews to serve as guide for supporters who will keep an eye on the upcoming battles. The matches will be held from September 24 to 26.


Lille vs. Evian TG


Both Lille and Evian TG have some players sidelined, which means that the teams need to have a reshuffling of their assignments to arrange the best positions for scoring opportunities.


The past six league matches have been a roller coaster ride for the home side, Lille. Their curtain raiser allowed them to pick up their first goal in the season and went on to win the match against Lorient. Their second appearance impaired them to some degree, after Reims stole two innings from René Girard’s men and drowned their lone goal which they secured just a few minutes before the match’s conclusion. Their succeeding tourneys gave them two victories (including their most recent one), one draw, and one defeat. Overall, the side have achieved a total of 10 points to help them occupy the league’s eighth spot.


Evian TG’s current placement at number 11 was a result of the side winning in two tourneys, drawing in another two battles, and losing in a pair of matches. Evian started their campaign fairly okay, after sealing their match with Sochaux in a 1-1 stalemate. Two downfalls followed up this curtain raiser, which saw the side falling in the rankings from number nine to the relegation zone. Fortunately, their fourth and fifth matches ended in substantial victories, enabling the side to rise from the bottom and settle in the table’s upper half. Their most recent match resulted in a 2-2 draw (with Montpellier).


Football betting tip: Evian have shown sizable improvements since their dismaying results in the tournament’s earlier rounds, proving that they still have the “it” factor to advance in the competition. Likewise, Lille remain to be one of the league’s better performing sides and are likely to continue a good run in their subsequent battles. In this round, with both sides showing commendable strengths, a draw has to be expected.


Valenciennes vs. PSG


It is pretty apparent that Valenciennes are having a difficult season, having unable to repeat their success in the season opening and posting successive defeats starting from their second match. As a result, the side have dramatically dwindled in the charts—from an impressive second place in their season debut to a dreaded 19th position in their current status.


Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), by contrast, remain undefeated. They may have started their campaign with a humble 1-1 draw with Montpellier, but the side have eventually secured three strong victories in their subsequent matches. Their most thrilling match might be their most recent one, when they battled out against current table leaders, Monaco. The Monegasque side were a huge threat to overcome but PSG were nevertheless able to match their opponents’ power. The tourney ultimately concluded in a 1-1 draw.


Football betting tip: There is hardly a reason why this match will not end in favor of PSG. Every indicator available in the records shows that the side are the superior squad over Valenciennes. By all measures, this brawl will catapult winning goals from the Paris-based club.



Nantes vs. Nice


Nantes will have to face a five-man deficit from their ensemble, after Cichero, Audel, Veigneau, Nicolita, and Pancrate were confirmed to be unable to appear in the side’s upcoming match or matches. Nice are also having serious injury problems, as eight of their men have been sidelined and will likely shelve presence in their future tourneys.


Nantes’ successful 2-0 opener against Bastia helped them attain a fifth-place standing in the season’s initial rankings. However, with three defeats tainting their streak in their following matches, the side suffered from fluctuating positions in the league table. Nevertheless, Les Canaris managed to seize seven points from all their tourneys which allowed them to rank in the middle of the charts.


Nice opened their campaign with an appalling 4-0 defeat from Lyon, thereby giving them an awful ranking at number 20 in the league’s first week of competitions. The defeat was later overshadowed by a series of successful stints, with Les Aiglons proving their resilience after accumulating three wins and two draws in their next five matches. From an abysmal placement in their debut, the Niçois players now rank at a lofty number five.


Football betting tip: Surely, this match between Nantes and Nice will be a tight one. However, with respect to the kind of ascent these two clubs have accomplished in their past few matches, it would be quite appropriate to predict that Nice will exit Nantes’ home court with their heads held high. A narrow 2-1 win by the visitors will embellish this match’s conclusion.


Montpellier vs. Rennes


Montpellier have attained victory in just one of their opening six encounters, and manager Jean Fernandez is now determined to turn his men’s faculties around rather fast. With four players unable to confirm attendance in the side’s upcoming match, it would be a double burden for Fernandez to draw in success to his club. La Paillade’s lone victory this season has been overpowered by four draws and one defeat, earning them a total of seven points and a ranking at number 13.


Rennes’ last six matches in the French top-tier league comprise three wins, two draws, and one defeat. Their season opener saw Reims bid adieu to the pitch with just one goal to bring home, as compared to Rennes’ two. The only defeat the side have incurred this season is in the match they had with Nice, where the latter dominated the scoring in a 1-2 finish. Current standings place Les Rouges et Noirs at number six, after accumulating seven goals and a total score of 11 points.


Football betting tip: Obtaining maximum points in this match will not be a piece of cake for Rennes, more so for Montpellier. A tough tourney this battle may turn out, but Montpellier will have the greater control of this meeting.