Match Previews: English Premier League (October 6)

Updated: October 1, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur | Image source:


On October 6, four pairs of Premier League contenders will show the very core of their pitch disciplines. Surely, spectators will have a fun time watching the sides unleash their most treasured pitch tactics. Here are previews for two of the match day’s competitions.


Tottenham Hotspur vs. West Ham United

Since the start of the season, Tottenham Hotspur have been showing a really strong run throughout the competition—even almost maintaining a clean sheet—if not for a 0-1 defeat from Arsenal and a 1-1 draw with Chelsea. Nevertheless, the side remain very compact, with four victories to cap their streak and a current rank at the table’s top three. Team boss André Villas-Boas, however, must be wary of his side’s ballooning number of sidelined players. Emmanuel Adebayor and Etitnne Capoue are still not physically ready to engage in a combat after suffering from injury. Fortunately, Spurs still got plenty of other great talents who are reliable enough to keep a solid record.


West Ham United have two players unavailable: Alou Diarra and Andy Carroll. This means that coach Sam Allardyce’s men are again in danger of losing their attack to their opponents. The side’s run has so far been less than spectacular, having won their battles just once. Conceding five goals and losing in three matches, the Hammers have unavoidably plummeted in the rankings. They are now placed at number 17, just one spot above the relegation zone.


Football betting tip: West Ham United last defeated Tottenham Hotspur three years ago, and have since been drying out of a good run. In this match, Spurs will manage to steal another win from their opponents. A 3-1 finish will likely mark this combat’s scoreboard.


West Bromwich Albion vs. Arsenal

A winning goal by Saido Berahino gave West Bromwich their second victory this season, and perhaps, their most thrilling success so far. The side were able to thump Premier League superpower, Manchester United, in a battle that saw The Baggies breathtakingly overtake their adversary. This should mark Steve Clarke’s men’s first feat this term, after obtaining a string of unfortunate encounters since the opening (which include two losses at home). Their win in the Old Trafford, along with their success over Sunderland, gave the side substantial points to help them reach the table’s top 10.


Arsenal’s 1-3 loss from Aston Villa in their curtain raiser has been completely overshadowed by their massive successes in their subsequent matches. All of these follow-up tourneys ended in victory, causing a sudden surge in the side’s standing. In fact, they are now the leading players in the league—their best placement since winning the tournament in the 2003-04 season. It seems like coach Arsene Wenger is heading for his fourth Premier League triumph with the London-based club.


Football betting tip: Apparently, West Bromwich are gaining back their momentum after winning back-to-back in their last two matches. However, the players are confronted with a huge challenge as they will be visited by the league’s current biggest stars. Arsenal will certainly pose a substantial threat to their hosts, and winning the entire battle is very plausible. West Bromwich need to back their form up with a much better plan if they don’t want to lose in their home grounds again.